The Pamlico Sound

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Information on the Pamlico Sound

This sound is located on the eastern shores of North Carolina in-between the barrier islands and of coast of North Carolina. It is fed by Oregon Inlet, Hatteras Inlet, Neuse river, and Ocracoke Inlet. This estuary like all other North Carolina Estuary, are facing some trouble. That trouble is that the water is being contaminated with all the material that is leaking from the land around it like sewage. Also there is the harm from over fishing. We need to save and keep this sound healthy because the estuary helps control erosion and flooding. Also we need to keep this place safe because of all the variety of plant and animal life that calls this place home. This sound contains a lot of variety in plant/ animals with examples like dolphins, clams, Loggerhead sea turtles, Fin Whales, and oyster which all live in the sound.

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Pictures of The Sound

I hope you learned information on this flyer about the Pamlico sound.Our estuaries are very important to us because they are breeding grounds to some species. They help our ecosystem and help us with flooding . We should try to keep them safe and healthy by not disrupting the ecosystem to much by fish and having contaminated run off get into there.

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