Entry 6

Media Lit Reflection

Getting Beyond Thunderdome

My opinions of the media and why we need Media Literacy have not changed, nor do I think they will. My opinions on the media are less than polite, I hate the news and how they spin the stories to change the truth. I hate the bias of how they chose what stories are important to cover and which are unnecessary. I hate the fear mongering the news creates, if the american people aren't scared they would be able to advance, but the media doesn't want that.

I feel like I learned nothing new from this class, I knew almost every topic we went over, from advertising to dystopia.

This class, and every other class of Language Arts felt similar. We even go over the same topics, I remember going over advertising in Ms. Greys class last year. But this class is different for the reason we don't focus on books or printed media. We moved onto movies and youtube videos and watched the media there. In a way it was the same lessons but taught to see them in everyday life.

I feel the direction this class is heading is nice and a breath of fresh air, even though it's from the same air. I feel like this class could go over the more important issues of today's media, like bias and the news changing how we see thing and molding our opinions from theirs. I would like to completely scratch out written literature from this class and learn to see things in modern literature more. I really appreciate this class for teaching students how to see new topics and recurring themes in our day to day lives.