Lindsay Lohan

Why the downfall?

The happy days

Lindsay Lohan was born on July 2, 1986. Lindsay's parents knew she was destined for fame and started her career at the early age of 3. She started modeling and continued to model until the age of 11 when her acting career sparked. Lindsay starred in her first motion picture "The Parent Trap." Instantly, young Lindsay won the hearts of millions americans everywhere with her witty sense of humor, sweet smile, and cute freckles. As Lindsay began to mature with age she got offered many rewarding movie roles. Some of the movie roles include: Freaky Friday, Mean Girls,Herbie, and Liz and Dick.

The Downfall

Slowly Drifting

Lindsay had absolutely everything. She reportedly earned 2-3 million a year between movie roles and tv interviews. Lindsay Lived in a beautiful mansion and had a handsome boyfriend. Somehow between the fame, men, luxuries, and money; she got caught up in sex, drugs, and alcohol. She lost everything. Lindsay was checked into rehab and is trying to get her life back on track. From her getting caught up in the wrong things that shows how Lindsay tried everything to find happiness but it just made her hit rock bottom.