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April 2016

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Website of the Month

Buncee® is your creation and presentation tool, simplified. It’s a fun and easy to use web-based tool that’s been helping students & educators across the world create and learn - both within and outside of the classroom. There is a tutorial video to watch at Buncee enables you to easily bring together all kinds of content (buncee artwork, photos, videos, drawings, audio, and links) onto one digital canvas, making a cloud-based, shareable creation. Student's can use Buncee to turn their experiences and lessons into multimedia digital stories, travel scrapbooks, research projects, and more.

Macbook Tip

How to type special characters and math symbols on a MacBooks
You can use the Character Viewer to find special characters and math symbols. In Finder choose Edit > Special Characters (or press Command-Control-Space). This opens the Character Viewer window.
The Character Viewer enables you to locate any special character from any font on your Mac. Use the sidebar to view different categories, such as Currency Symbols or Math Symbols and double-click any item in the main window to insert it into your document.
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iPad Tip

Do you want to a place to look for all the latest and greatest Tips and Tricks for the iPad? Go to the App Store and download the Tips and Tricks App. All tricks housed in one location that you can easily get back to, if you forgot how to do something!

Google Tip

Last month we discussed how to login to your Chrome browser. (See last month's issue here). One of the benefits of logging in to your Chrome browser is the ability to use extensions. My favorite extensions are Save to Drive, Flipboard, Hangouts, and This
site has a list of great extensions. Which one will become your favorite?

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers

The chart below was designed to assist teachers in what they can do under copyright laws.

Copyright Chart for Teachers

Technicians Corner

In this brief tutorial I will be teaching you how to toggle between two screens such as a monitor & a projector on your Windows pc. There are many instances when this technique could aid you in multitasking and making your job a bit easier. Screen toggling allows the user to display exactly what is being shown on the main display (monitor 1) to the second screen (projector/ monitor 2) or to split the projector & monitor into two separate desktops so that the user could have a larger work space and do more simultaneously.

There are four different settings.

Computer only: This option will black out the screen of the projector allowing only the monitor to display what is happening on the PC.

Duplicate: This option mirrors exactly what’s being displayed on the monitor.

Extend: This option splits the two displays into separate screens.

Projector only: This option will black out the screen of the monitor allowing only the projector to display what is happening on the PC.

To use the screen toggle function simply press & hold the Windows key + the P key. In the middle of the screen an option bar will pop up allowing you to choose whichever option suites your need.

Meet your Technology Services team

"Digital Media enables us to build more stages for our kids to express themselves." ~ Marco Torres