Celebrating Inclusion


What is ADHD?

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It means that your brain may work a little differently from other kids’ brains. The flow of signals in your brain may not work as smoothly or as fast, but it does not mean that you are not as smart as everyone else. It just means that you may need a little help paying attention, just like someone who has to wear glasses to help them see better. Usually, kids with ADHD have problems paying attention in class and getting their work done. They may also have problems changing what they are thinking about. Especially if they are doing something they find very interesting like playing a computer game. Some kids complain that they are not able to stop and think things through before they do them. This is called impulsivity. Sometimes this can get them into trouble. Some kids with ADHD also find it hard to sit or stand still for a period of time. This is called hyperactivity (caddra.ca).

ADHD SuperPowers

All too often we hear about the challenges our students with ADHD face. Here is a list of things to love about our students with ADHD. They are unique traits and abilities we can acknowledge and celebrate with our students

1. Sparkling Personality - bright, creative, and funny

2. Drive - the ability to channel attention and energy

3. Resilience - pushing past setbacks, adopting new strategies and moving forward

4. Generosity - a desire to please those they care about

5. Ingenuity - harness creativity in strange and wonderful ways

6. Persistence - doesn't let anyone stop or get in the way of a goal

7. Contagious Motivation - high energy is contagious, especially when focused on a passion

8. Compassion - known for compassion for others and willingness to lend a hand

9. Willingness to Take a Risk - to get results or reach a goal

10. A Strong Sense of Fairness - fair doesn't always mean equal