CCS Freshman & Sophomore Update

1st Edition, 2021-2022 -CCS Office of School Counseling

Welcome to High School!

Whether you're in 9th or 10th grade, this has been your first fall of actually being AT your high school. It's not unusual if you're feeling both relieved and a little stressed! High school involves A LOT of new information, opportunities, experiences- and pressures. You are not alone. Most students around you are going through similar challenges, even if they don't show it.

You may not always have control over the things or people around you, but you can manage your stress by taking care of yourself. Try starting your day by listing the people and things you're grateful to have in your life. Need more ways to find your calm place? Click HERE.

Reach out to your school counselor if you need help with classes, handling personal issues or want to talk about your future options. We are here to help, and keeping conversations confidential is important to us. Find your School Counselor contact HERE.

To do list

  1. Keep track of your grades. Remember, classes are only one semester long this year so you only have until the end of this quarter to bring up your final grades! See below on how to calculate your final grades.
  2. Make sure to check your attendance every day for every class.
  3. 10th graders who did not earn scores of 684 or better on their Math 1 Ohio State Test should retake this test in December. See your counselor about this requirement.
  4. Attend a Virtual CCS College Credit Plus Meeting if you are interested in doing CCP classes next year, whether those classes are at your high school or at a college. See below to save the dates! The first meeting is November 16th!
  5. Follow the CCS Calendar for 9th Graders & the CCS Calendar for 10th Graders .
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Do You Know Your Graduation Requirements?

Students in the Classes of 2024 & 2025 need to satisfy requirements in ALL three areas below:

Prefer to track your progress with a checklist?

Try using this Graduation Planner Checklist to plan for your future and track your progress. Check off classes you've completed and highlight classes, diploma types, competencies and seals you plan to earn.

How to Calculate Your Final Grades

CCS high school students earn all of their academic core requirements in semester credits, not year long credits. That means students will earn final grades each semester for classes in English, math science and social studies. If students fail a .5 semester course, they will have to RETAKE it in online credit recovery or summer school. This is why it is so important for students to stay on top of their assignments and grades - you earn FINAL grades every semester!

Understand the Grading Scale:

Click HERE and go to Page 2 of the CCS Grading Policy.

Know the formula:

First, ask each teacher if the course will include a final exam or final project. Knowing this will help you determine which formula to use below.

For classes without a final exam or project, calculate as follows:

Add the point values for each Quarter Grade and then divide by 2.

(Q1 GPA + Q2 GPA)/2 = Final Grade

For classes with a final exam or project, calculate as follows:

Multiply the point values for each Quarter Grade times 2. Add those totals to the final exam/project grade point value and divide by 5.

2(Q1 GPA + Q2 GPA) + Final Exam GPA, then divide by 5 = Final Grade

Try Using THIS Calculator. Remember, most classes are now semester classes. Some CTE courses are yearlong. Type your letter grade into the yellow boxes.

Tips to bring up your grades:

  • Log in and attend every class every day. Record your attendance.
  • Reach out to your teachers for help. They want you to do this!! Parents can schedule appointments too..
  • Good students ASK QUESTIONS and advocate for themselves!
  • Reach out to your school counselors for tips.
  • Use FREE tutoring resources.
  • Athletes: make sure to stay eligible for high school sports (bottom of page). Also know what you need to do NOW to be eligible for college athletics.

Resources for Parents

  • Want tips and resources to help keep your child and the other teens close to you safe from drugs? Sign up for Know! Parent Tips and start talking!
  • Want more mental health resources for your child? Click HERE and scroll down to Links for Parents.
  • Need protective eye gear for your athlete? Superspecs provides free gear to families!

Worth the Watch: How to Learn anything better

Learning Like a Jungle Tiger

Make sure to always get the latest updates!

Freshman/Sophomore Updates come out twice a year, but if you want the latest news, check the Latest Picks and News page on the CCS Resources for High School Students and Families.

There's information on this site for EVERY student, no matter what your goals are.