Racial Legacies and Learning

Race & Ethnicity Symposium: How to talk about Race

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Purpose of the Symposium

“Racial Legacies and Learning: How to talk about Race” is an Office of Multicultural Affairs initiative adopted from Miami University (Oh). Its mission is to create opportunities for positive cross-racial dialogue on issues related to race and ethnicity. Miami University does this via a town hall format.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs Emerging Scholars Institute is hosting a day long symposium for faculty, staff, students and community members to engage in dialogue that will enhance their cultural competency and allow opportunities to discuss issues and solutions to complex issues on race and ethnicity.

Racial Legacies & Learning: A brief history

The idea to sponsor a series of local town meetings called Racial Legacies and Learning: How to Talk About Race was derived from a national town meeting of the same name that was presented via satellite at Miami University Hamilton by the Association of American Colleges and Universities in association with KTEH in San Jose, California and distributed by PBS Adult Learning Services on January 27, 1999.

The Office of Student Services (now Student Affairs) at Miami University Hamilton enlisted the support of campus and community leaders to collaborate in hosting the initial national town meeting coupled with a local “live” town meeting featuring several key community and campus leaders. The first town meeting was a huge success and it seemed that a proactive, on-going series of local town meetings with a focus on race was desired by the audience.

In the years since 1999, the series has provided opportunities for dialogue, critical thinking, and learning while emphasizing the importance of taking action and making improvements in race relations in both personal and professional settings.

Source: http://regionals.miamioh.edu/rl/index.htm

Racial Legacies & Learning: Race & Ethnicity Symposium

Friday, April 3rd, 8am

Curris Center Theater & Banquet Room 2

Theme: "Living the Dream through Hope, Courage, Character & Education: How to Talk About Race"

Scheduled Agenda

Race & Ethnicity Symposium Agenda

Live Web Streaming of all Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions will be held in the Curris Center Theater

Lunch Plenary Session held in Curris Center Banquet Room II

Continental Breakfast


Welcome and Opening Remarks


Opening Plenary-Keynote

Dr. Aaron Thompson, Executive Vice-President & Chief Academic Officer

Kentucky Council on Post Secondary Education


Plenary I-Race and the Community: Does Race Matter?

Kelvin King-Professor of English, Lawson State Community College, Birmingham AL


Plenary II –Race and Education: Where do we go from here?

Sherron Jackson-CPE Senior Policy Advisor, Former Assistant Vice President, Finance and EEO, Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education (CPE)


Plenary III- Race & Politics: Are we ready for what is next?

Wendell Thomas-Sergeant of Arms Kentucky Senate-Retired, Member Kentucky Council on Post Secondary Education Committee on Equal Opportunities


Luncheon Plenary IV-Racial Legacies & Learning: How to Talk About Race

Keynote: Dr. Jacobi Williams, Associate Professor of African American & African Diaspora Studies and History, IU Bloomintgon


Lunch 12:30pm-1:00pm

Keynote: 1:00pm-1:45

Panel: 1:45pm-2:15pm

Q &A: 2:15pm-2:30pm

Moderator: SG Carthell, Director Office of Multicultural Affairs

All Presenters will be recognized at the Luncheon

(Luncheon Space Limited to first 150 persons to register)

Race & Ethnicity Poster Session


10th Annual Diversity Achievement Awards Reception

6:30pm Curris Center Large Banquet Room

Opening Plenary Keynote: Dr. Aaron Thompson-Kentucky Council on Post Secondary Education

Strategy Labs interview with Dr Aaron Thompson KY CPE

Lunch Plenary Keynote: Dr. Jakobi Williams- Professor of History, Indiana University Bloomington, IN

Racial Legacies and Learning Symposium Planning & Advisory Committees


SG Carthell-Chair, Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Dr. Donald Adongo-OMA Faculty Mentor, Department of Mathematics

Ashley Ireland-University Libraries

Alicia Carthell-OMA Faculty Liaison, Department of English & Philosophy

Anita Chitule-OMA Student Services Specialist


Ivy-Lynn Anderson

Taisha Collins

Iris Limas-Alvia

Charon Ingram

Karvontay Stevenson


Mike Young-Assoc VP Student Affairs

MSU Alumni

Geco Ross

Phyllis Parker

Launa Wood

PCDI Sub Committee on Race & Ethnicity (SCORE)

Dr. Susana Bloomdahl-Chair Education & Human Services

Alicia Carthell, Senior Lecturer, Department English & Philosophy

Charletter Ellis-Executive Assistant

Science Engineering and Technology

Ben Linzy-Graduate Student

Dr. Peggy Pittman-Munke-Associate Professor

Education and Human Services

SG Carthell-Director Office of Multicultural Affairs-Chair SCORE

Miami University

Randi Thomas, Director Institutional Relations

Jerome Conley, Dean University Libraries

Dr. Bob Rusbosin, Regional Senior Associate Dean of Students