Las Brisas News

September 30, 2020

Updates to PM Pick Up

Thank you for your patience yesterday with pick up. We have updated our process, and will run two stages of pick up. Dismissal this year will be in two staggered stages.

To expedite a speedy and safe process, we request that you follow these instructions, adhere to the times given, and you are on time for your pick up stage.

Stage 1 will be Pre-k and Kinder students, along with their siblings. Parents will access the campus by 59th Avenue, and turn right onto the campus drive. Please pull forward. Students will be located at the pick up cement pad at 2:30. Please be on time. Only Kinder and Pre-K vehicles will be permitted to line up along the curb or park in the parking lot. Cars which are not for PreK or Kindergarten will be asked to circle the neighborhood. Once Stage 1 pick up is completed, we will begin loading Stage 2 students.

Pre K Parents– Be parked by 2:20 for sign out

Stage 2 will be grades 1-6.

You will enter the campus by Alameda, by turning left into the campus drive. Pull all the way up. Students will be lined up for pick up at the normal pick up locations. Please do not enter the line or the parking lot until 2:45. This provides time for Stage 1 to complete, and expedites a fast, and safe pick up for all of our Stars. You will be asked to circle the neighborhood if you are in line before Stage 2 students are ready to load at 2:45.

All pick up and loading will occur along the pink arrows in the image below.

Big picture