Wolfpack Howler

Volume 18 Issue 18

Learn to work and think for life.

Week One - Remote Learning

Greetings Wolfpack Students and Families,

Welcome to our new reality - it’s hard to believe we’ve shifted all of our courses to remote learning in just two weeks! I want to thank you in advance again for your patience and compassion as we work through the hurdles and obstacles we know we will encounter during this transition. Every parent I have spoken with on the phone has been so understanding and thankful - I can’t express how much that sense of community truly means to all of us, we can’t thank you enough.

As you start this new journey, I just wanted to share a couple reflections I’ve had as we’ve worked through this new reality in my own family as well.

  1. We are all learning together - Teachers just started learning much of this new technology last week as well, so they can empathize if you are struggling - we will have bumps in the road, but we are such a strong community, we will all learn from each other through this process.

  2. Reach out, ask for help - All staff contact information is online including office hours and emails. We are also working on a way to forward phones and have successfully completed this process for Counselors, however, other staff members can access their voicemail from home, so you can leave a message.

  3. Taking Longer than Expected? - I know as a teacher when I planned things they often either took more or less time than planned. Each teacher’s weekly activities should take around 2 hours for the whole week, please let teachers know if things are taking longer so they can use that feedback to adjust.

  4. Have a question or a problem? - If you are having a problem or have a question, I’m sure others are experiencing the same situation, so ask or reach out - I know that teachers’ questions have been so important to me these last two weeks to refine my expectations and make things work for everyone.

  5. Flexibility is Key - Just picking up a Chromebook today? No connectivity at home? Worried that things are 'due' or there are 'quizzes' this week? Teachers are aware of the connectivity issues and timelines for offline materials distribution. Right now the focus is only on feedback not grades - teachers want learning to continue and to help guide students in their learning not penalize students for situations beyond their control.

  6. Grace and Space - Please remember to give yourself some grace and space to work through this new reality - things will not go 100% smoothly, that’s okay - laugh, enjoy time with your family - puzzles and board games have made a strong comeback in my house! Students, make connections with your classmates and teachers again, support each other, offer help - we truly are stronger together.

Lastly, if you are looking for something, please start here: https://www.k12northstar.org/wvhclosure. We are trying to put everything we can think families might need there and teachers are regularly updating their folders of information for families. Unsure how to navigate this page? Here's a video to provide an overview of information available on the site.

Thanks again and please take care.

Sarah Gillam

Principal, West Valley High School

(907)479-4221 x46510

Need to Pick-up Locker Items from School?

Call our front office at 479-4221 ext 0 to find a time to schedule a pick-up of school items. We can collect items from regular and music lockers (we are still working on PE lockers).

We are also scheduling Chromebook check-outs if your family identified that as a need - again please call the front office.

If your family does not have internet connectivity and requires paper copies to complete work offline, please complete this FORM below

-Please, we want to conserve paper, so only request paper copies if you need them to complete work offline during the school closure




Please remember to hit SUBMIT - you will receive an email confirmation after submitting.

Link to the form, if the embedded one, doesn't work: http://bit.ly/wvh_materials

Need Additional Technology Help?

Device tech support:

Counselor Contact Information

WVHS Counseling Office: 479-4221 ext. 46520

Mr. Blackburn - A-G (10th-12th) ext 46525 - willie.blackburn@k12northstar.org

Ms. Everts - H-N (10th-12th) ext 46527 - paula.bettano-everts@k12northstar.org

Ms. Gillis - O-Z (10th-12th) ext 46523 - karin.gillis@k12northstar.org

M. Johnston (interim) - all Freshmen ext 46524 - colleen.johnston@k12northstar.org

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