Courage Over Fear!

Tyson Peterson/Period 4-5

Development of Theme Analysis

They all work together to build the theme. The setting/neighborhood is a great place for the conflict. It is a slum, villains wouldn't be in candy land. Since it is in a unhappy place we can tell the conflict will be unhappy as well. The theme is first introduced when Max is scared of his dad. He knows what happened but doesn't tell. Even when he is kidnapped he is afraid of his dad. But when Loretta is in danger he steps out of his fear zone. On page 128 it says "I saw you kill Mom" and at page 129 " You killed her and I'll never forget,not ever." I think the theme is brought out well by all of the elements of fiction well in this story.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme as "Courage Over Fear". Throughout the story characters have to choose to have courage or fear. I think the author developed it well from the beginning they had to be courageous on quests. Every main character showed courage at one point. Also the author made it harder and harder for the characters to be courageous. We have to stand up for whats right. In our generation, whatever were doing we should be brave and have courage. That would make our generation better.
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This book has been very suspenseful and good. It started off with Max as Kicker in school, he had odd reputations for hitting people. They moved away and then came back during the summer of 8th grade to a slum. Freak has a disease that affects his growing. Max and Freak become friends. Max's dad has been in jail and fears him. When his dad gets out of jail and takes him away, everyone panics. Freak saves Max and his dad is in jail. When all is resolved, Freak has a medical issue and sadly dies.

Rodman Philbrick

Rodman Philbrick (Author) was born during 1951 in Boston,MA. He is an American writer for children and adult novels. His latest award was in 2010, and he got the Newbery Honor. Freak the Mighty and Max the Mighty are his two most popular books.