Wildcat Weekly

Week of December 7, 2015

Holiday Party!

Check out the "highlight reel" from last week's party! Thank you to Bill Youngblood for putting it all together!

Happy Birthday!

Marcus Richardson – Dec. 1

Jose Hurtado – Dec. 2

Joe Molina – Dec. 3

Bruce Richardson – Dec. 6

Steve Thomas – Dec. 8

Ellen Yee – Dec. 8

Sallye McDowell – Dec. 10

Kristie Ulibarri – Dec. 11

Tyler Wille – Dec. 11

Leslie Allen – Dec. 12

Upcoming Events

If you're looking for some holiday music, look no further. Here are a few events brought to you by our immensely talented Performing Arts Department.

EVOLUTION & PERCUSSION PERFORMANCES: On Thursday, Dec. 10th you do not want to miss the Evolution Performance at 6:30pm in the PSHS Theatre, as well as the Percussion Winter Panyard & Fete Performance at 7:30pm in the Cafeteria. Both performances are FREE and open to the public. Come experience wonderful music from the PSHS Orchestra!

PSHS CHOIR MADRIGAL DINNER: Hear ye, Lords and Ladies of the Wildcat Manner, You are hereby invited to the 32nd Holiday Madrigal Dinner. Show times are Friday, Dec. 11th at 7pm and Saturday, Dec. 12th at 1pm & 7pm in the Great Wildcat Reception Hall (Cafeteria). Tickets and dinner reservations for this event are on sale NOW at www.pshschoir.com. PLEASE join us for a renaissance spectacular of Feasting, Music & Merriment featuring our Royal Court and Chamber Singers.

Meanwhile in the gym...on the mats...in the water...on the ice:



· JV & VARSITY LADY CATS vs. Flower Mound on Tuesday, Dec. 8th at Flower Mound. JV plays at 6pm & Varsity at 7:30pm.

· JV & VARSITY LADY CATS vs. Plano West on Friday, Dec. 11th at PSHS. JV plays at 6pm & Varsity at 7:30pm.


· JV & VARSITY CATS vs. Flower Mound* on Tuesday, Dec. 8th at PSHS. JV plays at 6pm & Varsity at 7:30pm. *Middle School Night

· JV & VARSITY CATS vs. Plano West on Friday, Dec. 11th at Plano West. JV plays at 6pm & Varsity at 7:30pm.


· JV & VARSITY CATS vs. Allen & McKinney Boyd on Tuesday, Dec. 8th at Don Rodenbaugh Natatorium, Allen. Start time is 5:30pm.


· JV & VARSITY CATS at Irving Nimitz Quad on Friday, Dec. 11th at Nimitz HS. Start time is 5pm.


· WILDCATS vs. Jesuit on Thursday, Dec. 10th at the McKinney Dr. Pepper StarCenter. Game time is 8:30pm.


Don't forget to do this. ALL employees must accept both documents, and you have to accept them one at a time!

  • There are two items for all employees to view and accept through the TEAMS Employee Service Center at esc.pisd.edu or https://oea.pisd.edu/servicecenter/. This process is the same as the last several years.

  • The two documents are:
  • a) 2015-2016 Compensation, Supplemental Duties and/or Stipend Acknowledgment, and
  • b) 2015-2016 HR Policy Guide Acknowledgment.

  • Please note:

  • All employees are required to view and accept these acknowledgment documents annually.
  • Viewing and acceptance is completed through the TEAMS Employee Service Center at esc.pisd.edu or https://oea.pisd.edu/servicecenter/
  • There are two steps for each of the acknowledgments, you must view and then accept each.
  • You received an email last week with instructions attached.
  • The deadline for electronic acceptance is Wednesday, December 16, 2015.
  • Contact the Help Desk (ext. 28767 or TSOS@pisd.edu) if you need assistance with your login ID and password, or with any part of this document acceptance process.
  • All employees have a network ID and password to log into the TEAMS Employee Service Center (including those whose assignment does not require the use of a computer).
  • The Compensation Notice and the HR Policy Guide reside on the intranet (inside.pisd), therefore, employees must access this document from a network computer within PISD.

End of the Year

From the Registrars:

  1. Now would be a REALLY good time for you to run a semester grade report from your grade book to check for blanks. Blanks are not our friends so we do not want to see any.
  2. If you are missing grades, please email us right away and we’ll help you.
  3. ALSO – please remember to clear those Incompletes and send me the grade. If you have to leave an “I” or give one for the 3rd six weeks or the exam, you MUST also have an “I” for the semester grade. It’s very easy to overwrite and do this so please ask for help if you need it.
  4. We’re here for you !

From Ms. Gow:

  1. If you teach a course/class that is only one semester we need to make sure all books are counted & collected before semester break!
  2. In addition, if you have students who have changed classes during the semester or will be doing so at semester – we need to account for those textbooks and equipment too.
  3. Therefore, please use the template attached to this email (like we do at the end of the year) to enter student names & ALL their information to report missing textbooks/equipment and fines for the first semester & send it to me.
  4. It is imperative that we all use the same form so I can copy & paste it to the master list.
  5. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

From Academic Support:

  1. Teachers -- Please announce in ALL your classes that students must sign up in A230 by Thursday (12/10) if they need to use their accommodations on semester exams.
  2. We recommend you discuss with students who regularly test in Academic Support about what accommodation they may need for the semester exam. All accommodated exams are administered in the library due to the large volume of students.
  3. Please emphasize the signup deadline is Thursday, and this is a student responsibility!
  4. We will provide you later in the week with exam testing envelopes, instructions, and a list of students who have signed up.
  5. Thank you!

Final Exams

Here's a summary of everything we know about district final exams from the Assessment Dept.

  • Tuesday, December 1: Department Chairs received the semester exam booklets with the new student Answer Documents precoded with student IDs and Test IDs. The Answer Documents were grouped by teacher and period to be distributed to teachers. The enrollment info for pre-coding of the Answer Document was from Nov 1.
  • Tuesday, December 1: CTAs were trained on scanning semester exams using the new Edugence system. CTAs were instructed to conduct a trial run by Friday, December 4 and let us know if there are any technical issues to be corrected.
  • Friday, December 4: New Answer Documents were printed for students that are new to your school or changed schools, teachers, and courses between November 1 and December 1. The new Answer Documents were mailed to Department chairs to be received by Dec 4.
  • Friday, December 4: Department chairs received an email with the following two attachments.
    • Semester Exam - Administration and Accessing Scores in Edugence Guide for Teachers.pdf - These are instruction on how to log in and access semester exam scores in Edugence.
    • Semester Exam Directions Teachers.pptx - This is a PowerPoint which teachers can use guide students on how to start the semester exam. Student-ID and Test-ID are key to processing semester exams. It is vital that teachers instruct students on how to check the pre-coded answer documents. Teachers must do a final check of the Test-ID before the documents are given to the CTA for scanning.
  • ​Teacher Access:
    • Teacher accounts are all active as of Monday, December 7. If teachers do log in today, they will see all their students listed by period/course.
    • On Tuesday, December 15 afternoon, teachers will be able to view scanned semester exam data.
    • 30-60 minutes after the CTA has scanned and uploaded the data, teachers will be able to view the scanned data in Edugence.
    • Teachers will have to log in to Edugence at pisd.edugence.com using the district network login (First Name.Last Name and password). They will use the "Favorite Links >> Semester Exams" to view the semester exam results. (See attached guide.)
  • Scaling: Semester Exams will be scaled on Wednesday, December 16 evening and will be available in Edugence on Thursday, December 17 morning.