The Best Friend

Matthew Anderson Period:2

The changing

Freak changes Max by making him smarter adventuruos. Freak and Max became Freak the mighty, and after that they started to look after each other, I can tell because when Max's dad kidnapped Max a few hours later Freak is there and he squirts vinegar into killer kanes eyes and say's "Freak the mighty strikes again!"

The shocker

Well when Freak died I was pretty shocked I was thinking this can't be happening and next thing you know Max was punching through glass. Then later on in the year school is about to start back up and when it does everyone is saying I'm sorry even Tony .D and then Max becomes kicker again and makes Tony .D his enemy again

Freak the mighty

the conclusion

Freak the mighty is a good book even though freak dies there is still a lesson to be tauhgt. This book is action packed and at the end of every chapter it leaves you hanging at the edge of every chapter it makes you just wanting to read more.