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Join Us April 16th - In the Upstairs Library

Members Welcome

Hi All: We have formed 4 committees to help our school move forward. If you are interested in any of these please contact a member of our team or Peter or Bill. The more people involved the better as we improve our School.

They committees are:

• Advisory (Dan Pinckney- Robert Bickford- Leonora Hughes- Peter Medeiros- Wesley Cruz- Tammy Benjamin )
Discussion is on time and making it meaningful for students and teachers. Now involved are Mr. Boulay, Mrs. Kafalas and Ms. Hawkins.
• Communication (Karen Barbosa & Building Bridges-Isaiah Silvera, John Trouell, Lynn Kapiskas, Chirstine McKenna)
A survey, web site and channel 1, portfolio samples for web sites, student led Assemblies.
• Community Outreach (Deb Bacon, Brad Fesmire, Kris Wright, Charlotte Boudreau, Robert Gruetzke)
Focus on parents and students with informational meetings. Date set for community night. May 6th at the Middle school to target the 8th graders transitioning into 9th grade.
• Technology (Mary Jane Frank, Mike Sexton, Gary Detannancourt, Bill Webb)
Set a minimal level of Google drive for teachers and students (accomplished). Inventory of the computers that are in classes. Information on computers forwarded to Dr. McGee.

Agenda April 16, 2014

"Ok" Last meetings minutes

Reports from committees on progress (3 minutes each 12 minutes total)

Committees meet to plan goals for next meeting. (10 minutes)

Committees report to body on goals for next time and receive feedback and input from other members. (5 minutes each 20 total)

Other. (8 Minutes) Please see or email Peter or Bill if you wish to promote something at this time


Woonsocket High School School Improvement Team "Getting Ready for High School"

Learn what it takes to get a high school diploma in the 21st Century!

The Woonsocket High School, School Improvement Team (SIT) would like to invite the parents of incoming 9th graders (current 8th graders) and current high school students to our “Getting Ready for High School”, community outreach evening on Tuesday, May 6th from 6 to 8pm at the Woonsocket Middle School at Hamlet Auditorium. With an ever complicated graduation system of testing, academic courses, portfolios, etc. it can be confusing about exactly what it takes to gain a high school diploma today. Our Getting Ready for High School evening is an event aimed to give clarity to this process and answer any questions that parents might have about their current or future high school students.