Cordelia Hills Staff Update

Believe, 2/15/2019

Glows and Grows

Glows: A huge shoutout to all of the staff members who are implementing the pass/revise scoring rubric and who are putting the genre charts to use. I appreciate it and I notice! If you are unfamiliar with the rubric/genre charts and are interested in using them, please let me know. I'd love to chat! Many thanks to those who made Valentine's Day special for students. <Insert Heart Emoji>

Grows: You have MAP data in your hands now. What's next?

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MAP Data

Thanks to those that have taken on make-ups. I will pull the make-up report next Tuesday to determine any final students who need to take the assessment. A few reports to consider accessing:

1. Student profile report

2. Achievement Status and Growth Report

3. Class Report

This summative assessment is useful as that temperature gauge going into the final part of the year. It is important to note that it is best paired with formative data and other classroom data. What does all of this data say about our first instruction and what does it say about additional interventions needed?

Upcoming Dates/Events

2/15: Student of the Month Names due

2/18 : No School

2/22: Open Upon A Time (Daughters Dance)

2/26: Leadership Meeting

3/1: Visit by GVMS Band for Grades 4/5 (9:00 am) and Student of the Month Lunch

3/5: Staff Meeting

3/8: No Students, Teacher Work Day


Links on mindfulness/trauma/brain science:

Energy and Calm: Brain Breaks

Stop, Breathe, and Think Video

Link on mindfulness and kindness , kid friendly hip hop music with a mindful message., kid friendly art and mindful activities.

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ELPAC Party Underway!

The ELPAC Summative window is open and underway. Thank you to the many staff members who are helping Ms. Baker get this done. It is important and I look forward to seeing the data on our EL students.


I will continue to leave this link as a resource for you to check out to get that overall view of our school. We were green in all areas and blue in suspension. Let me know if you have any questions.

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