Genetically Modified Foods

By Eric Melton

GMO Foods

Genetically modified Foods GMOs, for short is the genetically modified foods that have new genes from other organisms added to their existing genes according to Brown University. The University said that says the goals for GMOs is to give the original organism new characteristics such as disease resistance. National Geographic New put out a article 2 days ago saying that "85 percent of all foods consumed contains GMOs".

Pro and Cons

  • Con- Allergic Reactions, genetic mutations often mixes up or adds protien that weren't original in it.
  • Pro- Environment Protection, GMOs requires less chemicals, time, and tools and may help reduce environmetal pollution.
  • Con- Decreased Antibiotic Efficacy, GMOs have an antibiotic feature bulit into them to make them immune to or resistant to diseases or viruses according to Iowa State University,