Texas Christian University (TCU)

Marcos Rivera

Subjunctive Notes

In Spanish we use the subjunctive form when there is doubt or uncertainty when something is being done or has even been completed yet. We use certain clues and phrases to identify when subjunctive should be used. Our biggest clues is that with WEIRDO:

Wish, desire


Impersonal Expressions


Doubt, denial, disbelief


In order to create a sentence in the subjunctive form, we first have to establish 2 subjects separated by the word "que". (Yo deseo que ella....)

Using WEIRDO to begin with and adding the rule above, we can conjugate the verb after "que" into the subjunctive form. Start with the "Yo" form of the verb in the present tense, take off the "o" at the end and add the opposite verb ending to the action. This means that -ar verb endings have -er verb ending and -er/-ir verb endings use that of -ar:

-ar (e, es, e, emos, éis, en)

-er/-ir (a, as, a, amos, áis, an)

The only exception to these rules is when stating a sentence that is true. These exceptions are called VOCES. These verbs are in the positive connotation and in order to use them in subjunctive we have to add a "no" to make the sentence negative.






Ex.) No es cierto que Matthew haga la tarea por espanol. (Subjunctive)

NonEx.) Es cierto que Matthew haga la tarea por espanol. (Not Subjunctive)

TCU at a Glance

Texas Christian University (TCU) is a private school located in Fort Worth, Tx. It's relatively a medium-sized university with roughly 10,000 people, located in a city with about 800,000 people. Tuition per semester is about $19,255, $38,000 per year, and a total cost of $50,940 in expenses($11,000 for a dorm). TCU has a 47% acceptance rate, accepting over 8,000 people, and currently have 1,936 freshmen enrolled. The university doesn't have a minimum requirement for GPA but require a SAT score of 1630-1910 and an ACT score of a 25-30 to apply. The Horned Frogs have a successful athletic department, especially in repect to Football, Basketball, and Baseball, that are entertaining to be apart of a NCAA Division1 program. The school has many fraternities, religous groups, and a basketball club that would be fun as well. If I do end up attending TCU, I'd want to major in Biology to persue my Medical Career, but I am open to pursuing another major if that is an option. But I do know I'll be required to take a Biology class, Anatomy, Chemistry, a Foriegn Language, Speech, and my basic core classes like Math and English. Either way TCU is a great school that I am highly considering
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Subjunctive Sentences


1.) Yo quiero que juega basquetbol para TCU.

2.) Mis padres esperan que me divierta a la universidad.


3.) Me gusto que tenga muchas actividades en la ciudad de Fort Worth porque no me guste sea aburrido.

4.) Mi sorprendo que TCU acepte 47% de los estudiantes que se aplicen.


5.) Es importante que cumple los requistos para aplicar a TCU.

6.) Es extraño que la universidad no mire GPA de un estudiante.


7.) Mi professor recomienda que tome los examens de SAT y ACT mas de una ves.

8.) Mi hermano, Ethan sugiere que yo visite el campus antes de aplicar.


9.) Deseo que los restaurantes en Fort Worth cocinen bien.

10.) Dudo que me aburra porque TCU tenga muchas partidos y deportes.


11.)Ojala que la gente en la universidad sepa los actividades divertido en Fort Worth.

12.)Ojala que mis profesores a la universidad sean muy simpaticos y servicial.