Stop Bullying

This year, we'll win the war against bullying

What is bullying?

Bullying is a form of hurting someone physically, mentally or verbally. Bullying can happen to anyone, anytime and anywhere. It can happen anywhere in the world and hurt anyone in the world. Bullying usually happens because that bully wants attention or supposed self confidence. Bullies are usually people with low self-esteem who want to hurt other people just for their own enjoyment so they can feel better and good about themselves in a negative and false way.

Who does bullying involve and effect?

Bullying starts with a "bully", who then bullies someone called the "victim" by insulting them, assaulting them or mentally scaring them. Bullying commonly also has "bystanders" standing and watching the victim getting bullied. They will usually do nothing to stand up for the person because they are scared of getting bullied too. Bullying isn't a one time thing. Bullying is usually every day and can happen to anyone, at any age at anytime and anywhere. Bullying usually progresses and gets worse every day that it hurts the person, hurting them every single day, eventually leading the victim to inflict to themselves self harm or even suicide.

Bullying in our community

Bullying is a serious issue in Canada, and must be taken seriously. 64% of children in Canada get bullied each year. 12% of kids are bullied regularly each week. 13% bullied other students regularly each week. 72% of kids observed bullying once in a while. 40% tried to intervene. 64% considered bullying considered bullying a normal part of school life. 20-50% thought bullying was a good thing. 25-33% said that it is good to pick on "losers". 61-80% said bullies are often popular and enjoy attention. The reality of bullying is cruel because it puts kids under the influence of a normal painful life of getting hurt and insulted, including assaulted.

How can we help?

There are many ways to end bullying. One is telling someone older than you that you can trust, like your parents, teacher or even another friend or someone else that you can trust. Even if you are not bullied, and you have a friend or another student who is getting bullied, still tell anyone you can trust to help stop the bullying and make that person happy.