Maycomb County Tabloid

May 2, 1935

Man Found Dead

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Above, a picture of Bob Ewell, just a few days before his death. Photo captured by Mrs. Cunningham.

Man dies after a long night of drinking

A drunk man was found dead last night with a knife in his rib cage, no one was around to see what happened, but what did happen was shocking.

Bob Ewell, the father to many children, was drinking whiskey last night and had a little too much. Jem and Scout Finch, two young citizens of Maycomb, were walking home after the Maycomb County fashion show when Ewell attacked both of them. He broke Jem's arm, and almost stabbed Scout in the side. Afterwards, Ewell tried to stand up, but because of his intoxication, he fell over and landed on his knife, causing it to spear underneath his rib cage and kill him.

"Well I heard someone coming up behind me and Scout, but thought it was just the wind rustlin' in the trees. Next thing I knew someone was chasin' us and grabbed me by the arm. I tried to fight him off but he was a lot bigger than me." said Jem.

Ewell's children will be taken care of by the eldest sibling, Mayella Ewell. Mayella noted, "My daddy didn't deserve somethin' so cruel. He was drunk and not in the right state of mind. If I could go back in time to save my daddy, I would."

"There will be no more further investigation with Ewell's case. The evidence is clear cut." ended Heck Tate, the Maycomb County Sheriff.

mad dog on the loose

"It was very hard having to shoot the dog" -Atticus Finch

Ever wonder how to get rid of a dog with rabies walking around freely? Well here is how residents in Maycomb County solved the problem.

Yesterday afternoon Atticus Finch shot and killed a dog named Tim Johnson because he had rabies. The dog was walking down a local residential neighborhood when Calpurnia, the finch’s cook, saw the dog.

“The dog was walking really wobbly and he had foam coming from the mouth.” Calpurnia said. “I called everyone in the neighborhood right away and told them to lock all their doors and windows.”

Mr. Harry Johnson, Tim Johnson’s owner, is upset no one called him recalling his dog. He sued Finch for his actions.

“In my opinion it’s very unprofessional how not one person called me about my dog having rabies. I’m very upset.” Johnson remarks.

“It was very hard having to shoot the dog.” Atticus says. “But it had to be done.”

There will be a trial held Tuesday May 14th for Finch and Johnson recalling Finch shooting Johnson’s dog.

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Above, Amelia Earhart with her Lockheed Electra 10E Special NR160, at Burbank. Photo taken by Mr. Earhart, Amelia's father.

Earhart takes air

Would you fly a plane from Honolulu, Hawaii to North America if a $10,000 reward was at stake? The Hawaiian commercial interests this award to whoever could complete the challenge first.

Amelia Earhart, a thirty four year old female from Kansas, was ready to take on the challenge. On January 11, 1935 Earhart set off from Hawaii and was planning to land in Oakland, California. The day after she left Honolulu she landed safely on North American soil, becoming the first person to fly to the United States from Hawaii.

"The flight was long, but completely worth it. If someone asked me to do it again tomorrow, I would. I love to fly." Earhart exclaimed.

This flight was just one of the many achievements Earhart has accomplished. What really brought her fame was in 1932, when she became the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Earhart also set records for speed, and acceleration.

Prison Break

Shortly after the trial yesterday afternoon, Tom Robinson was shot and killed trying to escape prison. He was shot seventeen times in the back while trying to climb over the fence.

Tommy Jake, prison guard at Maycomb County prison, was responsible for the shot that killed Robinson.

"At first I tried to just shoot at his leg to make him fall off the fence, but I missed the shot, so I proceeded to shoot him sixteen more times." Jake said.

Helen Robinson, Robinson's wife, feels that shooting him seventeen times is just way too much.

"I feel heartbroken about the loss of my husband." Helen muttered, "So much has changed in the past few days..."

"Shooting a prisoner seventeen times is just way out of control." Jacob Nall, Warden at Macomb County prison says, "There will be consequences for Tommy's actions."

Jake has been suspended indefinitely until further notice of being prison guard.

County showdown

"I wish the County Showdown was every weekend" -Jenna Smith

Got nothing to do this coming Friday night? Well now you do!

Tomorrow night, May 3rd, the annual County Showdown will be held in MHS from 7:30 pm to 12:00 am. This years theme is to dress up as your favorite super hero! There will be games, a dance floor, and karaoke.

"I look forward to the showdown every year. I wish the County Showdown was every weekend." says Jenna Smith, a senior from MHS. "My favorite game is is bobbing for apples! It's what I'm best at!" she exclaimed.

This is the 45th year in a row that the county showdown has been held, and the word is spreading that this is supposed to be the best one yet, with new games and prizes!

The County Showdown is a gathering that will hopefully bring our community closer. Everyone is welcome, no matter how much money you have, or the color of your skin! Come support Maycomb County!

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Above, Jem Finch. Photo taken by Calpurnia, Finch's cook from home.

Brave Boy Bazaar

This Sunday, on May 5th from 3:00pm to 6:00pm the Maycomb County High School will be hosting a fundraising event for Jem Finch.

Finch was injured when he was trying to protect his younger sister, Scout Finch, when a drunk man attacked them while they were walking. Finch's elbow was crushed and he was left unconscious. His sister was uninjured due to Finch's bravery.

"Jem has always been a nice kid. After hearing about what happened, I knew something had to be done. He had to be rewarded for his bravery. That's why we are hosting the auction. All of the proceeds will go to Jem and his family." said Trace Jacobson, the starting quarter back from MHS.

Finch added, "I am very thankful to have such a cool school. I told Trace that a fundraiser wasn't needed, but he insisted. I hope one day I can help others too."

Finch is the water boy of the varsity football team, the top student in his class, and very popular throughout the high school. Come support this brave young man on his road to recovery.

Letters to the editor

17 times is just way too much

When I heard my husband, Tom Robinson, was shot and killed I was heartbroken. Then I found out he was shot 17 times and was furious! Why would it be necessary to shoot a man that many times!? He shouldn't have even been in prison because he was innocent. Yeah I understand he was trying to escape, but that does not mean you unload your whole ammo out of your gun on him! I bet if it were a white man trying to escape, the guards would of just chased him down and threw him back in jail. It is very unprofessional and the guard deserves the punishment he is getting. I am very happy about Heck Tate's decision, but his decision can not bring back my husband. I hope the guard learns from what he just did, and that he never does it again. Everyone please take your time and read this letter, this racism massacre needs to stop. By: Helen Robinson

Kids these days

If you are a kid reading this letter please read this carefully. I hate when you guys run by my house screaming and yelling. You guys are two feet away from each other! Just talk like normal beings! Oh, and when you guys have sticks in your hands, don't be slapping them across my fence like you just own the place! It is getting way out of hand! All I try to do is sit on my porch and have some peace and quiet; but you little rats just take over the place!

Now if you are an adult please read this letter carefully. What happened to curfews and respect for your elders? Kids just roam around the streets looking for something new they can destroy. Back in my day, girls helped their mothers in the kitchen and young boys helped their fathers hunt, and provide for their families. I am sick and tired of waking up and looking out to see my flowers ripped up and pulled out of the dirt just layin' in my grass shriveling up to die. Be the adult, and teach your kids what's respectful, and what is not.

Sincerely, Ms. Dubose