Science Project Over 3 Theory's

Continental Drift, Seafloor Spreading, Plate Tectonics

Continental Drift Summary

I don't believe the theory Continental Drift. Just because the continents seem to fit together like puzzle piece does not mean that they were connected at one point. The same plant fossils that were found on different continents. The plants and plant seeds could have blown in the wind to different continents. The freshwater animal fossils that were found on different continents. There were freshwater streams that ran in the saltwater, so the animals could have swam from one continent to the other.

Seafloor Spreading Summary

I believe the theory seafloor spreading. This theory said that the ridges in the ocean floor came from magma that came out from beneath the ocean floor and pushed the land up therefore causing ridges. The reasons I believe this are first, I don't see any other plausible way these ridges in the seafloor could have been created. Second, It makes sence in my opinion because if the magma came up and pushed apart the seafloor that would cause the floor to melt in a way. Once melted the floor would be curved in some places and not straight anymore. After it melted, the floor would begin to melt. And this is what I believe caused ridges in the ocean floor.

Plate Tectonics Summary

I don't believe the theory plate tectonics. This theory says that the earth's outer layer is made up of plates. The reason I don't believe this is because I do not think that heat could move something as big as a plate. (Large piece of land) Heat can move things to an extent but in my opinion there is no way that heat could move plates around the earth. No matter how much heat there is around the plates, it could never full on move them.