Drum Camp for kids ages 8-12


Discover djembe drums and percussion music from around the planet with ‘Goyo’ Gregory Whitt! Steeped in history and mystery, spend a full week with HANDS ON DRUMS. Learn about folkloric music from the village, engage in creative self- expression, and participate in ancient traditions that foster fun and promote wellness.

REGISTER ONLINE AT http://classweb.townofcary.org

Parks & Rec Course #58968

Fees: $110 (Cary Residents); $140 (Non-Residents)

Drum Camp with Goyo!

Monday, Aug. 13th 2012 at 9am-12pm

119 Ambassador Loop

Cary, NC

Join me Monday thru Friday, 8am-Noon at the Page Walker Arts & History Center. Drums and percussion are provided.

Drum for Change

I believe life is richer when people exist in harmony, when we resonate at a higher frequency, and when we choose cooperation and collaboration with each other and with the world around us. Drumming together connects us in the long-forfotten tradition of making music with our families, friends, and neighbors. I think that's important and that's why I am a professional facilitator of recreational music-making events to foster teamwork, education, and wellness with adults, youth, and seniors.