FFF CBD Auckland

Giving towards the FFF Expenses

FFF Expenses

Each month at the Core Leaders meeting we review the expenses and costs from the previous month.

You will no that we have added in additional costs by underwriting the cost of the core food for the Sunday meal.

Protein, Veges and core ingredients all come out of the FFF funds. [Those doing the shopping keep receipts have this refunded]


Because of these additional costs we need to increase our funds by around $100.00 per week. This would provide a very comfortable budget for our ongoing costs.


We would encourage you to arrange and automatic payment to the Baptist TAB

Account Number: Bank account: 020100 0023322 00 and put FFF in the reference

Doing this will mean you get an annual tax deductible receipt

Please chat to me if you need any further information

Richest Blessings and have a great day, talk Sunday if need be