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Gian Del Core

Academic Smart Goal

S: I want to boost my average to the high 70s-80s or even higher by the end of this semester going into grade 11 so that I can continue to succeed in the future and go to university.

M: I can track my goal by reviewing notes 3 times a week and get more sleep than I usually do, I currently get around 6 hours every night which could be significantly be improved by going to sleep a little bit early and turning off the video games or not playing them at all. I can maintain doing homework by doing it every day when I get home from school so I do not have to worry about it at night when I could be getting sleep and energized for the day coming up. If I can maintain my study days and doing homework regularly, I’m sure I can maintain an 80+ average in each class.

A: I will finish homework as soon as I get home from school instead of doing it after I play video games because then I end up doing my homework late at night which is not healthy at all. I want to do it right after school so I am thinking properly because I still have school and class on my mind so I am not stressing out late at night because I am tired. Playing less video games would help a lot in getting me on the right path to boosting my average from where it is to high 70s-80s because if I play video games for hours then do homework, I will only have that on my mind and I would not be able to think about my school homework at all.

R: this goal is realistic and very doable because being able to understand the homework properly and studying regularly will help me better understand in class and on tests so I can end up with the mark I actually want instead of what I currently have. It will especially help me in the future because I am almost at the point of having to look at universities and if I want to get into a good university, I need to maintain good marks and have a good work ethic. If I can make a schedule and take a lot of time to do my homework, my goal should be quite easy to achieve.

T: I want to make sure that I am continuing to do homework, study, play less video games and get to sleep on time throughout the semester so that I can boost my average and be happy with the marks that I end up with. Hopefully if I can achieve this goal throughout the semester, I can maintain it for the rest of my time in school, including university because that is when it would count the most. This goal is really important to me because if everything works out and I can continue to proceed well with my goal, I will be able to use it during and after high school, university, and then my career.

Volunteering Smart Goal

S: I want to gain over 60+ hours of volunteering by the start of grade 12 to gain experience for the future and for my resume.

M: I can track my goal by creating a calendar/schedule for my volunteering so I can stay organized with what I am doing, I can also take a lot of time in the summer to volunteer when I am just at home doing nothing so I can stay productive and gain experience at the same time. Making a schedule for a daily routine would help me a lot so I know what I am doing, I could wake up then go volunteering and be back home not too late so I can still have a good summer and be outside with my friends. If I could make a calendar for volunteering during the summer and I end up following it well, I know I can gain that 40 hours in just one summer, then end up with 60+ hours going into my next year of school so that I can add it to my resume so it will help me with university and getting a job because the workplace would see I have experience and it would intrigue them.

A: Instead of staying home doing nothing, playing video games or sleeping, I can be out volunteering by helping people, helping the environment, etc. and staying productive while gaining great experience at the same time. If I could go out to volunteer nice and early during the day, I would be back during the day so the summer would still be enjoyable and I am not spending all of my time volunteering.

R: This goal is very realistic because I need my hours anyway so it is better to do them now and gain more than needed instead of waiting until grade 12 and having to rush around and stress out about it because it will already be done and there would be so worrying about it at all. As long as I maintain a strong schedule and calculate how much time I need to finish my hours, I know I can succeed and complete my goal within one summer or by the start of grade 12. Plus I don’t only have to volunteer at one place, I can do volunteering at two places, 1 place each day so it will look better on my resume.

T: I want to make sure that I can keep the habit of wanting to work/volunteer because I want to be able to have that ability to work whenever I can so that I gain a lot of experience for my future career. I want to instill the habit of working by the end of this summer. If I can start to volunteer in the summer, the rest would be fun and easy in the future because I would know what I was doing and have fun with it while gaining experience and completing my hours.

Transitions and Change


Gian Delcore

ADDRESS: 9 Edgewater Court, Brampton, ON L6R 0W8

TELEPHONE: 416-523-4003




I am very interested and have a love for the video game industry. With my programming skills and experience in a variety of different programming languages, I hope to find a company that can offer a secure job in software engineering or computer programming, mainly in the video game field.


Brock University

Master of Science Degree

St. Catharines , Ontario

June 2024 - June 2025

Brock University

Bachelor of Science Degree

St. Catharines , Ontario

September 2018 - September 2022

Louise Arbour Secondary School

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014 - June 2018


Best Buy

Part-Time Computer Technician

Brampton, Ontario

March 2016 - July 2018


Stanley Mills Public School

Play and Entertain Kids

Brampton, Ontario

March 2016

Calgary Legal Guidance

Homeless Shelter Help

Calgary, Alberta

July 2014 - August 2014


Computer Build ContestMarch 2016 - June 2016

  • Came 2nd Place


  • Coding Languages Known (C,C++,Java,Turing,Python)
  • Extensive computer skills
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Able to work with others for an extended time
  • Ability to stay focused on the task at hand
  • Ability to manage and organize information


  • Love For Video Games
  • Computer Building
  • Programming

References Available Upon Request

Challenges of a Software Engineer

Challenge 1: (Technology is a huge concern for Businesses)

Almost every business involves technology or needs technology for success. This can be challenging because this means more people would want to be involved with programming/software engineering that the rate of graduated software engineers would grow drastically and many of the current software engineers will be out of a job. This also puts a strain on current software engineers because of the growth of amount of work needed which would put stress onto current workers. Since technology is based on software, everything would be based on what software engineers can do. Since technology has been huge for businesses for a few years, this means that most businesses already have current programmers/engineers. Even though maybe weaker engineers could be out of a job because of growth, it would be hard for someone to find a job as a software engineer because companies already have software engineers who are more experienced. Compared someone fresh out of university which would make it harder to find a well-paying job.

Challenge 2: (Huge Growth in Software Engineers)

Software engineering and computer programming (Or, just computer science) is becoming more popular in school/university. This could be challenging for someone in high school wanting to become a software engineer because of the growth in this field. In 2019, it is expected that growth will increase from 453,297 (2016) to 475,367(2019) which is over 20,000 in the next 3 years. This could affect a lot of people because once they graduate university, it may be hard to find a well-paying job as a software engineer even though they usually make great money. Most well-known companies already have experienced programmers so big companies may be out of the question when starting out. Another reason why this would be a challenge is because since there will not be a high demand for software engineers because of the growth, salaries would probably not grow, in fact, they may indeed drop.

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