How to use Smore

Tobi Senpai


You can upload text, pictures, event, audio, embed link, form, title, gallery, biography, videos, clickable buttons, and payment systems. The picture bellow is really easy to put in all you have to do is click on picture button and drag the picture on to top of it and let go.

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Events are a little bit more difficult than posting pictures. The difficult part is putting all of the information of the event. The Event times are all 15 minute make and you cant change it like to 7:51. This is a really good way of setting a pace and time for a event.

New Year

Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 12am to Thursday, Jan. 2nd, 12am

This is an online event.


The gallery button is easy to use. Gallery is posting 3 pictures that are right next to each other from right to left. You can only do 3 of the same or different picture right next to each other I chose to do 3 of the same picture. You can crop the picture in side the gallery so the part that you want shows and you can put a title in and a disruption.


A there is a button that is called bio short for biography. On a bio you can put the place of a business, Facebook, Phone number, web sight, email, and twitter. You can also put in a caption and a picture.


You can change the background and their are 22 free backgrounds. Their are also 13 different colors which change the color around the title and the text color. Their are also 6 different fonts you can use.n this site their are 5 different designs to change the way the page looks.