Indian elephants

We have less than 20,000 elephants


The Indian Elephant, Elephas maximus indicus, is one of four subspecies of the Asian Elephant, the largest population of which is found in India. This subspecies is also found in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Laos, Peninsular Malaysia, Burma/Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Interesting facts:

1.The Indian elephant has smaller ears than the African elephant

2. Indian elephant weights of 2,25-5,5 tones

3.Elephants have a long pregnancy- 22 months

4. At birth they already weight 90 kilograms

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Indian Elephants are in danger

  • Elephant Habitat were converted into pasture for cattle , and in their place people built their houses.
  • People have become direct competitors elephants . It is also very increased the number of people in India , and people began to displace elephants
  • People kill elephants for tusks and bones
  • People are afraid of elephants , considering them pests , so they shoot them
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Indian Elephants - Ganges - BBC