The History of Fallout

before and after the war

Welcome to Fallout

Welcome to the wastes. A world full of deadly monsters, mutants, and other abominations you shall come to know and hate. But there is still a lot of history and other events behind and in-front of this title. So let me give you the brief summary of what has happened. Everyone shot nukes at each other, destroyed the world survived for 200 years and things are like they are now. For more detlais keep reading


Basic Time-Line

To some hings up the worlds oil supply was running low. China,a major communist power, was trying to obtain fossil fuels. So in a desperate attempt to get fuel they attacked Alaska to take our oil, naturally we retaliated and after months of fighting we finished things with the installation of power armor and Liberty Prime. The Chinese fled Alaska. But America was hurt fairly bad because they had to take from the public to fuel their army. While china had american forces closing in, and in an attempt to scare us off they launched nukes at the american continent, we retaliated and then every country joined in on the nuking and destroyed the world.