Three blind mice

their court case

What happened to them

There once was three blind mice who love to run around all day long. But one day they decied to chace after the farmers wife. In the town they lived in that was a misdemeaner, which means that it was a crime but not a very serious one. It also ment that when they were arrested or take to the jail house they could be let out on bail,or pay a certain amount of money to get out. it also ment that they would get a subpeana, which means that they would have to go to court for the crime. Thye can also use a witness in the crime, which means that they can hvae someone tell them what happened.This witness will appear before the judge.But before this happens there will be an arrignment, this means that someone will arrige the mice in to the court system. After the mice got done with all the legal stuff they went back home and they still ran around but they didnt chace the famers wife that day.Weeks pasted and they still didnt chace her but one day they decied to do it once more and when they did the famers wife cut off their tails with a carving knife and she was arrested for a felony, which ment that she was in serious trouble fro harming them like that. She was then serve with a indictment or a formal charge on a serious crime. sinqce she didnt have much money she was appointed a public defender instead of a personal attorney. She was the defendent which ment she ws accused of the crime. The prosecution, or the mice were suing.they offered her a plea bargin which means that if she does something for them she will get less time. But if she comittits perjury or lying under oath the deal was off. she would not have to appear before the petit jury or the jury that finds facts but she would apprear in front of the grand jury, they are the one who will give the verdict. They will say that she is acquitted of all cahrges which means that she is innocent or they will convict her which means they think she is guilty. But becasue the famers wife didnt think the case was done correctly she made an appeal for another trial. after the second trial she was still convicted and put in prison and the mice lived happily ever after runing all day long.