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Team 2025 May Newsletter

Scheduling Update

We started by sharing information in January then met with individual students through February. Students were able to request changes through April.

The time has come....students can now only drop courses for a few reasons.

1. Drop a class for a study hall.

2. Move from a lower-level course to a higher-level course (US History to AP US History)

3. Correct an error

Unless a request fits one of the 3 catergories, changes can not be made. Thank you for your help with this process.


Please see below the schedule for the last week of school May 22-25. Students will be taking Final exams. Finals make up 20% of the semester grade. Please help your student succeed by ensuring they arrive on time and have a good night sleep. In order to maintain the integrity of finals testing environment, we will not be able to call into/or interrupt a classroom to get a student; so if possible, please avoid absences, scheduling appointments or early vacations for your student during this week. Also please note early dismissal Wednesday and Thursday.

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Yearbook Update

If there are no shipping delays, yearbooks will be delivered 1ST PERIOD CLASSES early next week. Please see the delivery schedule below.

  • Yearbooks will be first deliver to the Senior Academy classrooms, gyms, and weight room on Thursday, May 11th and Friday, May 12th.
  • They will then deliver to main building classrooms Monday, May 15th through Wednesday, May 17th.
  • Yearbook staff will finish up any remaining / missed classes on Thursday, May 18th.

  • Any student who has not received their yearbook due to absence or any other reason can pick their yearbook up from B2-410 on Friday, May 19th before or after school.

If students have questions or concerns, thinking they may have purchased a book or still want to, they should see Mrs. Nesbit in B2-410. Mrs. Nesbit can also be reached at

Ivy Tech Free Summer Classes

Ivy Tech is offering FREE summer classes for high school students. This is a WONDERFUL opportunity for you and definitely one you should consider. Not only is the tuition free, but the books are too! If interested, click the link below and read the details.

If you decide to do this,you will want to choose the "Request Info" link and complete the information. Use the "questions" icon in the bottom right corner if need some answers. Mr. Douglas and I likely don't have answers to your questions b/c we aren't privy to Ivy Tech systems and processes, but we do know you should TAKE ADVANTAGE of free college.

Area 31

Area 31 Decisions have been made and families have been informed via email. Team 2025 had 128 applicants and 95 students accepted. Know that Area 31 has grown in popularity over the years with this year having a record number of applicants. It was competitive!

There has been a Schoology group created specifically for Area 31 students. This is where BHS will post important pieces of information for our Area 31 participants. Students are encouraged to keep an eye on it.

Parents of participants were emailed a link to be used to request transportation. Please check the email we have on file for details. Your teens won't have transportation in place if you don't complete the survey.

21st Century Scholar Update

Students don't need Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Mehrtens to work on ScholarTrack. This program is readily available to students and can be completed anytime by visiting the link below.

Ideas for Summer

Looking for something to do this summer?

  • Explore college campuses- You can register for official tours online or just walk around
  • Job Shadow- Have a friend with a cool job? See if your teen can spend a day or two with him/her
  • Part-Time Jobs- Summer is a good time for teens to start working. They can get used to having a job without needing to manage to schoolwork.


Absences: If you need to call your students out sick, or for any other reason, please call Mrs. Patino at 317-852-2258 EXT. 1601 by 10 am. Please leave a voicemail with your name, the name of your student, and the reason why your student is absent. Even when your students is absent just for part of the day, is important for us to know ahead of time. Students are responsible for checking Schoology for missing work and contacting their teachers to check what they missed during their absence.

Appointments: When picking up early is very helpful as well to call ahead of time, notify Mrs. Patino as early in the day as possible (by phone or email or even the day prior to the appointment. Mrs. Patino will send a pass to your student earlier in the day so they can leave class on time to meet with you at door#1 by the time requested, no need to come in to sign out your student, or call again when you're at the door. Please note, some classes (like P.E., Choir, Band, Guard) are unable to answer phones during class, and it is extremely difficult to find students once they get to the cafeteria for lunch. This may result in the students running late to their appointment which we do not want to happen.

Only parents can call out students, but students can be picked up by another family member if specified on your message


Videotaping or taking pictures of BHS students or staff without their consent is an “Acceptable Use Violation” and is against school policy. Multiple offenses could also be considered “harassment” or “bullying”. It is very important that all students and parents/guardians are aware that this type of violation could result in serious consequences. Please have this conversation with your student to make sure they are aware of this policy and expectation.

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Bus assignment for Juniors and Potential Changes in 2023-2024 Bus Routes

Bus routes are NOT automatically assigned to Junior and Senior students, if you want your student to ride the bus next school year you need to contact Transportation at 317-852-6813 , no later than June 15th to let them know.

In other news, as BCSC prepares to open Crossroads Elementary for the 2023-2024 school year, the Transportation Department has examined every PK-12 bus route for safety and efficiency. For next school year, some existing bus stops will be eliminated, moved, or combined. As has been our practice for Back to School, if you requested bus transportation during registration for your student(s) for next year, you will be receiving a phone call from your student’s bus driver and an email from the Transportation department in late July with the detailed information. Please know, all bus stops meet or exceed the criteria BCSC sets for student safety.

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