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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles Believe Lohan May Be Heading to Jail

Obviously star power didn't help Lindsay Lohan much on her date with the Los Angeles court on Wednesday, and she also found out why hiring a criminal defense attorney from Los Angeles might have been a smart move.

For one, her brand new defense attorney Mark Heller didn't obviously know things any criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles would have known. He tried to have small talk with Judge Stephanie Sautner and tried to start a conversation about her New York roots while emphasizing a New York City accent, and got snubbed immediately. Sautner, a veteran judge, told Heller, "Flattery doesn't get you anywhere in this court."

For another, he tried to make an argument that was clearly unconvincing. He tried to curry sympathy for Lindsay Lohan by pitching that Lohan had an upper respiratory infection, trying to hide simple things within scientific jargon.

Sautner asked, "Is that a cold."

Point blank - and any criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles would have known better than trying to pull off something like that in Sautner's court.

Trying to stress that New York was in the grip of some epidemic of respiratory infection, Heller told the court that it was a "flu-like" sickness. And the result was another round of snubbing.

"No it's not," said Sautner. "The flu is the flu." Finito.

The drama took place on Jan 30, 2012, in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

While LiLo is scheduled to appear before the court again on March 18, it is doubtful whether things are going to be as smooth as this hearing.

It is quite possible this time for LiLo to head to jail. Criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles who were familiar with the case are thinking it would be difficult for Lohan to avoid jail because she is being charged over and over for similar misbehavior and conduct. Reckless driving, lying to law enforcement officers, and being on probation before for similar charges can make her lose the sympathy of the court.

Santa Monica Police charged Lohan in November for willfully resisting, obstructing, or delaying an officer in the course of their duties, and also charged her for providing false information and reckless driving.

The fact is, LiLo has pleaded not guilty to all the charges including that of lying to police officers. If the trial proves otherwise, and the police think they have definitive evidence, it might be hard on LiLo.

Her only hope is either to find a real good criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, or just hope that whoever replaces Sautner after her retirement gets star-struck.