Judd's BDay & HeadShotStudio Launch

Saturday, July 27th, 7pm till we finish. A word from Judd:

As many of you know, I take a lot of pictures. A LOT. I'm worse than a Japanese school girl. I'm crazy addicted. Over the last couple years, this hobby of passion has absorbed me. There's over 2000 Facebook profile photos from me floating out there. Thousands of my photos, used for Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, business promotions, and I even know they're all over OK Cupid too! In fact, if you're reading this, there's a very good chance your Facebook profile photo over to the left was shot by me. But I'm not a pro, I'm a hobbyist. Well that, that changes today.

HeadshotStudio.com launches today! And it will be a collaboration between me and Doug Hac.

Yes! That Doug Hac. Most of you don't know this, the very first day that I got a decent camera, Doug was there showing me what to do with it. Doug's photos were legendary, and his mystique grew and brought him to the status of a legend himself. There's no doubt that his work was a huge influence on the direction I took with photography. I was always just stunned by his results. I've never taken a photography class, but I'm truly honored to have had him in my corner giving me advice while I was fumbling around and learning what I was doing. I've come a long way pretty quickly, but I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Doug Hac. And the fact that as of today we're now working together is like a moment where an apprentice finally partners up with a master. This is a big deal for me.

So I'm going to do what I do best. Yup, I'm throwing a party! And you're invited! And it's going to be a photography exhibit cocktail party. All the walls will be filled with some of our favorite photos Doug and I have shot. Some of our most memorable memories. There's a decent chance that a print photo of you will be on a wall in my house.

And also, guess what? It's close enough to my birthday that THIS WILL BE my official Birthday Party this year!

And also, guess what else? We're going have a Silent Auction for the large prints. That means, if you see a piece of art on the wall that you like, you can take it home with you. Just name your price on the silent auction form, and the winners will be announced at 11:30.

Doug is an artist and a visionary and he's crazy. He has just transformed some of the spaces in my house into something unlike you've seen before. Seriously, set your expectations high, you will not be prepared. This looks amazing!

Not only will you be able to meet amazing new friends while you reminisce over photo memories with old friends, but you're going to make new memories that we'll capture, because this Saturday, we're going to be photographing you too! That means go pick out the outfit for your next couple profile photos! Seriously, go look in your closet now, you've only got a few days to make a decision.

Most of my parties lately have had an elegant theme. This one isn't quite that, just dress nice and show off the hot thing that you are. We've got a classy thing going on. Be clean and don't look like you've been hanging out at a sports bar. You don't have to be too fancy this time, but then again you can never be over dressed!

We're starting at 7pm Saturday. There will be complimentary valet, cocktails and appetizers. There might be a surprise guest performance on the piano. Most importantly, you know you will meet some exceptional new friends at the kind of memorable event you've come to expect here.

If you're not familiar, to get an idea of what to expect here, check out these past events.

In May I had an Elegant Masquerade with Robert Greene as a speaker:

The recent 1920s Prohibition Theme party I had here last December was truly epic:

A couple of the many other amazing cocktail party speaker events at my house:

If you haven't been here before, here's some pictures of my house:

If you're not familiar with Doug Hac, you should be. It's not just that he's the best event photographer that Los Angeles has ever seen, he's gone on to become so much more. He's an in demand celebrity photographer who has shot Jonny Depp, Jamie Foxx, Paris Hilton, Adrien Brody, Anne Hathaway, Spike Lee, Seth Green, and just WAY too many to name. Sometimes he'll agree to take off and photograph international tours for LMFAO, Bruno Mars, Shwayze, and others. He doesn't shoot parties around LA so much anymore, because he's shooting billboards and ad campaigns in magazines. Doug is a little bit humble, but don't let him fool you. I'm not exaggerating. Doug Hac is a legend, and a living testament to the power of dedication, passion and real talent.

Here, check out this cool video that Mercedes Benz paid for and filmed about a day in his life:

Doug is in pretty high demand, forcing his prices up so that he can just manage it all. Those who can't afford his price point, we'll have a roster of photographers (that includes myself) photographing those clients, under Doug's direction and supervision. This is a win for both of us, and a win for you. Especially because right now, for the first 20 friends that take up this offer, we'll provide you with a professional headshot photo session with 3 different looks for $250. This could be acting headshots, professional business photos, or new social media profile photos. Doug usually charges over $1000, and we're not advertising the $250 rate, this is just a launch deal we're cutting with our friends, and it won't be around long. You can lock in that rate now, and schedule your photo session any time in the future when you're ready.


I'm really excited about this. And honestly, I have to thank you. Yeah, you. I've been so touched by all the support from my friends. There's no way I can count how many people have told me to go pro, and pursue a career with photography. And I've been hesitating with that thought. That is until Doug Hac brought this idea up with me, then I'm like Hell Yeah! I'm in! Full force!

Could you do me a huge favor? If you've enjoyed and used any photo taken by me or by Doug, can you make a quick honest comment about that on our Yelp page? That will be extremely helpful to us, and I will be very grateful that you did that. Even if you're out of state, if you're using a shot of mine for social and professional purposes, I would REALLY LOVE a quick comment on the Yelp page. Thanks!!!!


Oh, and would you be so kind and like our Facebook Page, and share it with any friends of yours that could use some better professional photos? You're awesome, thanks SO MUCH for the support!


This party is invite only so we can make sure we hand pick a phenomenal crowd for us all to spend time with. If you've got an awesome friend or two you'd like to bring this Saturday, and you know we've got to meet them, sounds great! Message me (Judd) their names and I'll try to take care of you.

No gifts necessary. Bottles are helpful and appreciated, but not required.

Oh yeah, and one more awesome bonus! The first 100 people that come over will get a free 16GB USB Flash Drive branded with HeadshotStudio.com courtesy of our friends at PixelFlash (http://pixelflashmemory.com/). That's pretty awesome, huge thank you to PixelFlash for that one!

This party is gonna be pretty special. Really excited about my first exhibit, with Doug Hac. You'll be searching through all the photos around the house for your memories, printed and mounted, while you experience so many of our other dramatic moments that we've captured in our lives. The photos will be everywhere, even downstairs, where you'll get to check out our new studio. Be on the lookout for some fun surprises with that. And be ready to meet some incredible new friends at another great party at my house in Bel Air.

Can. Not. Wait! Thank you for everything, my friends. See you Saturday!

Judd's Birthday and Headshot Studio Launch Party this Saturday!

Saturday, July 27th 2013 at 7pm

1106 Linda Flora Dr

Los Angeles

From 7pm till we finish!
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