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Our Lady of the Angels School Welcomes You!

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You're part of the OLA family!

Here at OLA we LOVE...

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Dearest OLA families,

Welcome to another amazing year at Our Lady of the Angels Catholic School! The entire staff is thrilled and honoured that you have entrusted your child's education to us. We promise to hold them in love, celebrate their growing and learning, and inspire them to explore and share their many God given gifts!

Words cannot express the level of excitement and anticipation we have for this coming year as we work in partnership with you for your child's learning and growing success. Your engagement and participation in your child's education is vital and we look forward to journeying with you and your child this year and throughout their years at OLA.

We will work hard to ensure information is at your fingertips and each week we will share a newsletter that will contain:

  • upcoming events
  • information that is important for you to know to best support your child's growth
  • opportunities for you to be involved at the school community
  • occasions to connect with fellow OLA family members
  • learning opportunities for you and/or your child at the school or in the community

A change occurring this year will be the times of our OLA Community Faith in Action assemblies. As always, all families are welcome and invited to join every assembly, and these assemblies will be on Monday afternoons, at 12:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for staying connected by reading the newsletter and calling your child's teacher or the school office if you have any questions. We also invite you to visit our website for more information.

Thank you for your trust in holding your most precious gifts, and inviting us to be part of your child's educational journey.

May God's blessings be with you this weekend and throughout the year,

From all of us at OLA!

Important News from EICS Transportation

Elk Island Catholic School (EICS) Transportation is pleased to share with the EICS community that there is now increased awareness for parents and guardians regarding EICS bus arrivals and possible delays through our transportation software program BusPlanner. This new app will allow parents and caregivers to see the details of current routes, stops and transfers relating to their children on EICS transportation.

With this new system parents gain access to the following:

  • The BusPlanner Parent Portal, located here:​ which allows parents to view details of the routes, stops and transfers for their children.
  • The BusPlanner Notification System for email alerts to ​parents​ for issues which impact transportation on a route by route or school by school basis.
  • The BusPlanner Delays app which both ​parents and students​ can install on a mobile (hand-held) device and allows them to subscribe to and receive BusPlanner notifications through push notifications.

Parents, please take the time to create an account for the BusPlanner Parent Portal and subscription to receive notifications of transportation delays or school closures through email. Please click here for further instructions - thank you.

Please know, it will be through this portal that all notifications will be vetted. There will no longer be emails or phone calls directly from EICS transportation regarding route cancellations or late buses.

Notifications will come to you through Bus Planner, so please subscribe.

In faith,

Your EICS Transportation Department

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Thank you for choosing Catholic Education!

Catholic Schools Raise the Standards

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Supply Lists for 2019 - 2020

Please visit our school website for classroom supply lists for next year.

This year EICS has partnered with Staples to provide an affordable and convenient way to shop for your child's supplies . . . you can order online until July 21st and the supplies will be delivered directly to OLA School. Parents are encouraged to pick up supplies the morning of August 27th; the Staples supplies include labels and we thank you for putting these on your child's belongings.

There is no obligation to purchase your supplies from Staples, it is simply one convenient option.

Committed to Successful Learning and Growing

Every year we collectively review our contexts to determine how best to serve all OLA students. Doing what is best for all children means looking at each year's context through a variety of lenses to determine how to best serve all students' needs with the resources available. At the School Council meeting in May, parents engaged in a similar review process, and provided their perspectives and feedback to best serve all children at OLA. With all of the data and the best interest of all of our students at the heart of every decision, our decisions are well informed. Thank you for everyone's partnership and participation in the process. As such, OLA will have some combined classes in the 2019-2020 school year. Many schools in EICS are responding similarly and planning for successful learning through combined classes. In response, EICS is creating a Combined Class Cohort to further support and celebrate student learning and to share best practices. For more information about combined classes, we invite you to click here.

In every classroom, straight-grade or combined, learners are working at varying levels in math, reading and writing, as well, they are at different points on their learning journey socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Combined classes are rich and diverse learning environments that create opportunities for students to work with a wide-range of individuals with different strengths, lived experiences and backgrounds.

Combined classrooms look like any other classroom and in fact, every class is a combined class. The vast majority of the Alberta Curriculum has similar outcomes across each grade level with an increased depth to their demonstration, understanding and application, building from one year to the next. This translates to the fact that children in different grade levels are working on many of the same concepts. Additionally, in straight grade classes there are children working on learning outcomes that are above grade level for their enrichment or at a younger grade levels to accommodate their learning. We invite you to visit the links below for more information about what your child will be learning at each grade level.

As with every class, teachers work to meet each student where they are on their learning journey and help move them along the learning continuum regardless of their grade level. Additionally, assessments for and of learning are collected in a variety of ways to create a complete picture of learning. This is called Triangulation, and teachers assess through observations, products and conversations. In every classroom, combined or straight-grade, children are experimenting, exploring, discovering and being nurtured and loved by all staff at OLA.

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What will my child learn this year?

In addition to learning how much God loves each and every one of His children, learning how to play, be curious, encourage, care for each other, spread joy and peace and deepen their relationships with Christ, along with building strong meaningful connections with their mentors, teachers, OLA's support team and their peers, children work to achieve specific learning outcomes as outlined by Alberta Education.

As you may know, the Alberta Curriculum will be changing. We are waiting word from the new government as to the implementation timeline. For now, to be companions on your child's learning journey, we invite you to click on the links below. The first link allows you to dig a little deeper into each subject area. The second link is an overall view of what will be explored at that grade level.

Kindergarten, Kindergarten at a Glance

Grade 1, Grade 1 at a Glance

Grade 2, Grade 2 at a Glance

Grade 3, Grade 3 at a Glance

Grade 4, Grade 4 at a Glance

Grade 5, Grade 5 at a Glance

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Parking and Buses

If you are joining your child at school for the beginning of the day, thank you parents for parking along the side of the school (North), or on Sherridon Drive across the school. Buses will be parking in front of the school, so thank you for keeping that space clear before, during and after school. :-) You are also invited to park along the SW and SE corners of the school playground and entering the grounds through the gates.

Thank you for driving slow, and keeping all children and families safe!

This week @ OLA

Tuesday, September 3

  • Welcome Back! First day of school for Grades 1-4

  • Welcome to families joining us for their Early Learning Small Group Orientations

  • Parents, you're invited to the gym for refreshments at 9:00am to connect and re-connect with fellow OLA families. Refreshments will move to the Kitchen/Art room (room 131) after 10:00AM

Wednesday, September 4 - EARLY DISMISSAL

  • Students are dismissed at 2:19pm and are coming home an hour early!

  • School Spirit Theme: Beach Day....because we haven't had many this summer

  • Welcome to families joining us for their Early Learning Small Group Orientations

  • PreKindergarten and Kindergarten parents are invited to the kitchen (room 131) for refreshments during and after your child's orientation session to connect with fellow Early Learning families.

  • FIRST Faith in Action Assembly: All families are invited to join us at 12:30pm

Thursday, September 5

  • Welcome to our PreKindergarten AM students! Today is your first full morning! (correction)

  • Welcome to families joining us for their Early Learning Small Group Orientations: PreKindergarten and Kindergarten parents are invited to the kitchen (room 131) for refreshments during and after your child's orientation session to connect with fellow Early Learning families.

Friday, September 6

  • AM PreKindergarten class - second day of class!

  • Welcome to families joining us for their Early Learning Small Group Orientations: Parents are invited to the kitchen (room 131) for refreshments during and after your child's orientation session to connect with fellow Early Learning families.


Monday, September 9

  • First Full day of classes for M/W Kinders! Welcome!

  • Faith Assembly at 12:30pm - All families welcome!

Tuesday, September 10

  • First Full Day of classes for our T/Th PreKindergarten/Kindergarteners! Welcome!
  • OLA School Council Meeting at AGM at 7:00pm in the library

Thursday, September 12

Meet the Staff @ 6:30pm

To see what is up and coming even further ahead, please visit our website calendar.

You can view our Kindergarten Calendar here and our Pre-K Calendar here.

Looking Ahead...

Tuesday, September 10 @ 7:00pm - School Council Meeting and AGM

Please join us for OLA School Council's first meeting of the year, and our Annual General meeting. Attending meetings keeps you in the loop of the inner workings of the school and School Council, provides you an opportunity to share your voice for council and share your feedback on various topics related to the school. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thursday, September 12 @ 6:30pm - Meet the OLA Staff

Please join us at 6:30pm in the gym and meet the OLA team followed by in class conversations with your child's teachers. Repeat in-class sessions will be offered for families with more than one child. The first beginning at 7:00pm and the second at 7:30pm.

This is an important opportunity to connect directly with your child's teacher and learn how you can best support your child's learning, and ask questions to kick start the year fully in the know.

Come connect with:

  • Your child's homeroom teacher
  • OLA's Music Teacher
  • OLA's Collaborative Response Coordinator
  • OLA's Family Wellness Worker
  • OLA's Assistant Principal, Chaplain and Indigenous Lead
  • OLA's Principal and French as a Second Language Teacher

We look forward to seeing you there!

"Dear young people, I would like to tell each one of you: God loves you; never doubt it, whatever happens to you in life; under any circumstances, you are infinitely loved."

Pope Francis

Twitter, June 20, 2019