Jamestown and Plymouth

By Maia Hoching 6th pierod

the year that it was established

1607 was the year that Jamestonw Virgina was established.

1620 was the year that Plymouth masachusets was established


Plymouth and Jamestown were not that far away from each other yet when you look at the weather conditions and the type of land you would think that they were worlds apart. Jamestown: the land was marshy and swampy. the soil was not very fertal for growing crops. It is right off the coast of the Atlantic ocean and it is north eastern which means that it was right off of the James River. Plymouth: was very, very VERY cold the winters were so harsh that more than half of the people died off. It is also located off the Atlantic ocean which is a similarity to Jamestown.

What was the reason that Jamestown and Plymouth were established??

Jamestown was established BECAUSE.............

So why was the colony Jamestown established in the first place? well let me tell you that the people that established the colony (the Virginia company of London) heard about the new world and they looked at it from the economic point of view and found a way to settle the new world and make a nifty little prophet in the end so they placed out an add that will send 100 people to the new world so they could settle the land and look for gold so they could pay off there little trip to the new world.

Why was Plymouth established?

Plymouth was established by the Puritans/pilgrims so that they could have religious freedom to go back to the simple way of there religion, and the simple way of living. because they loved there church of England but it was growing a little to modern for there taste but since they still loved there church and its teaching when they moved they just slowed it down a little so they could go back to its roots.

What type of government dose Jamestown and Plymouth have,and what do they have in common?

these to different colonies have different governments but they do have some simalarities in thinking, Jamestown has the House of Burgesses which means the house of citizens it was first settled in the year 1619 when Jamestown was starting to become more like an english settlement. It was the first representative assemble in the American colonies. no king but there were still rules to be followed so there would be no chaos.So if there was rules that means that there were consequences that would have to follow if the rules were broken.Where as plymouth was a self government as well but theres was called majority rules which means what ever has the most votes is what gose.They used the Mayflower compact which was a document the men agreed upon laws that they thought would be for the good of the colony.

more facts anout Jamestown....

The first settlers in Jamestown met the Powhatan Indieans. The 100 settlers were dieing off so a man named John Smith took control of the settlersbecause a good portion of people were not workers but were considerd gentlemen and were not workers. somhe said "he who will not work, shall not eat"so that got everyone to pitch in a little to survive.

Did you know?.....

Jamestown was the first state capital in Viginia from 1607-1698. John Smith was chained on the ship because he was accused of mutiney.

Plymouth information

Unique facts about plymouth.

The puritans landed in Plymouth by what we know to be Plymouth rock. They became the colony that had the first thanksgiving

unique facts

John Carveyer became the first governer of the Plymouth colony.

the first house was built on Christmas day.