21 Things 4 Teachers Modules

Learn at your own pace and setting!

Just in Time Technology Learning

21Things4Teachers helps you make connections between technology tools and best practice instructional strategies. It provides a chance for you to learn more about 21st century technology skills in a supportive environment.

May 1 - June 30 OR June 30 - September 5

The modules are self-paced and take about ten hours to complete. A skilled instructor serves as your guide while you explore technology resources and complete activities you can use with your students. You can start modules anytime after May 1 and complete them by June 30 or start after June 30 and complete by September 5.

Module Titles

Choose from these modules:

  1. Assessment for Teaching and Learning
  2. Creating Efficiency and Productivity
  3. Dynamic Presentations
  4. Enhancing Instruction
  5. Extending Your Classroom to the Cloud
  6. Media Literacy
  7. Personalized Learning in the Classroom
  8. Searching Safely and Strategically
  9. Transforming Education - Maker Movement

Check out the Modules!

The modules can be found on the 21Things4Teachers site.

Contact the Instructor

If you have questions about the modules or course contact Melissa White at mjwhite61@gmail.com

How to Register

The fee for each module is $50 and you can earn ten SCECHs. Click Here to register for the May-June and/or June-September sessions.
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