Call for partners

Green outdoors


We invite you to join us for a partnership for the project “Green outdoors” which will be submitted by Outward Bound Romania through the Erasmus+ Program.

Our project

Our program will be designed for youth workers, youth leaders, trainers social workers and people working with disadvantaged youth.

The aim of this project is to transfer knowledge to the participants about experiential learning methodology theory, methods and instruments of outdoor education, how to work with experience in order to reach educational results, and how to work with outdoor education in order to reach higher environmental awareness

The specific objectives of the project are:

- Create an opportunity for getting acknowledged what is experiential education by first providing experience

- Give theoretical knowledge and practical skills about using experiential education for learning purposes and how to bring the experience to a higher level by transferring it into learning

- Reach a deeper understanding about the meaning and usage of outdoor education - techniques, methods, activities

- Teach how to plan outdoor activities in order that they reach specific goals

- Learn how to use and adapt outdoor activities for increasing environmental awareness

- Motivate and inspire the participants to continue using the acquired knowledge

- Implement new methods and adjust the knowledge on local level

- Evaluate the outcomes of the change in the working style and the implemented activities on local level

- Plan future actions, what would be a follow up for the project


The methodology which will be used during the program is non-formal education and experiential education through outdoor activities.

Practical details

The project will consist of three parts – a training in Romania, Sovata in September 2014 (in Outward Bound Romania’s Youth Center), action of local level, implemented by the participants in the training and an evaluation meeting in Georgia in April 2015.

The official language of the program will be English.

Outward Bound Romania

Outward Bound Romania is a non-profit organization specialized in outdoor activities (education and recreation) that was founded in 1993 as an independent member of the internationally recognized Outward Bound International.