We can relate a lot with these teens. Especially with our phones, without them we get lost and we cant function, like the teens in the book without their feeds they get lost. There are some picture examples below. Another similarity to us and them in the book is that we too can get bored very easily. Think of it like Disney land, I went there 2 times and if i went there a third i would probably hate it there and be bored. Like those teens we are not easily entertained.

Quote Master

"It had been a day since any of us had heard from the feed"- They are in the hospital and these teens don't even care about their health. There just brainwashed, where everything has to be about their feeds, if they don't have them, they cant function. Its like with our phones, some of us without them wont be able to function as well.

"She said, you go try to have fun like a normal person, a normal person with a real life, just for one night you want to live, and suddenly you're screwed"- You have to remember that this girl is pretty different form the rest of the teens, she actually cares about everything, she sees things the other teens don't. This is because Violet got her feed at an older age then the rest of the group, she was educated as well, meaning she knows what can happen at all times, other then the other group members who are clueless.

Reflection on discussion Part 1 and 2

We had a discussion on both parts of the book, mostly talking about Titus and their group and how clueless they are. Also on about how they are dependent on their feeds, that it seems to control all their acts. Reflecting on this we are able to connect this to everyday lives and how we too are the same when it comes to our computers or phones. We are both teen in the book and in real life and we seem to act the same way also, when it comes to boring things and the way we act to certain situations. Such as when Titus was nervous to talk to violet, like Titus we are also the same, we are nervous as teens.

Discussion part 2 was mostly based on their feeds and if we actually had them, what we do, if we would want them and if it would control us the same way as our phones. Reflecting on this I believe that having a feed would completely take us away from the real world and how we act would be based on our feeds. It would take away from our social ways with other people, imagine not talking to your parents because your constantly on your feed and are distracted, it would ruin relationships...

Discussion Director

I had 3 questions for the whole group that really started a spark in our conversation.

First one being if Violet and Titus actually like each other and why? A lot of us started to say that Violet doesn't like Titus back but she feels bad for him. We think she did not like him back because of how dumb he was. My second question was what were the parents thinking when they thought buying their son a car was a good idea. A lot of us thought it was just feeds telling them to do this, brain washing them that its not by helping your son and asking how he feels, its about buying him stuff. I feel we could have gone in depth a little bit more about how Titus felt about the car things, i think he didn't care about it and just went with the whole thing. My last question is why does Titus not like drastic changes, such as with what happened when he didn't have the feed. I think its because he doesn't enjoy being vulnerable for a long time and thats how he felt without his feed, he enjoys everything to be the same and normal.

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Media Guru

This picture Ive found online describes on how Titus feels, he loves violet and when she was going to die he did the same thing. Tell her about all their memories together because he loves her, and he doesn't want to forget about her at all. Its sad how everything goes so fast and there is no time to think about it, and when your able to look back you can see where everything was perfect and normal.