The Third Greatest Killer

Tuberculosis is a huge epidemic in Africa.

Africa has the most deaths in the world, due to turberculosis.

What causes this horrible disease?

  • Drinking contaminated milk (World Book)
  • Inhaling droplets that contain mycobacterium tuberculosis (World Book)

How would it affect a contaminated person?

The person may:

  • Cough up blood (Silverstein)
  • Have a continuous cough (Silverstien)
  • Swelling of glands (World Book)
  • Fever (World Book)
  • Weight Loss/ Loss of appitite (Silverstien)
  • Feeling tired all the time (Silverstien)
  • Night Sweats (Silverstien)
  • And difficulty breathing (Silverstien)

If one is healthy then the body will fight and kill the infection (World Book).

How could you help?

  • Donate money to a charity foundation
  • Cover your moth when you sneeze or cough