By Alexis Dick

Basic Information

Population: 5,664,939

Capitol: Bishkek

Language: Kyrgyz

Head of State: President Almazbek Atambaev

Head of Government: Prime Minister Sooronbay Jeenbekov

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Education / Clothing

In Kyrgyzstan education is highly valued, and Kindergarten began at age 4. Mandatory education began at the age of 6 and goes until the student is 14, though there is secondary school in which students get a second diploma at age 17. There are both private and public schools, which are free. Few schools require uniforms, though white tops and black bottoms are considered appropriate. Teachers use both lecture and discussion in class.

Clothing in Kyrgyzstan is kept clean, mended, and ironed. Kyrgyz fashions have changed a lot over time. For example Kyrgyz woman now have short hair, but they used to wear it braided and long. Men wear western style clothing, but may occasionally wear a traditional kalpak hat. Elderly men have beards. According to tradition a son may not have a beard unless his father is dead.

Holidays and food

Kyrgyz holidays include New Year's andNowruz. New Year's is a important holiday in Kyrgyzstan. Olivier, a cold salad dish, is traditionally served. Children receive gifts, similar to Christmas. Another Kyrgyz holiday is Nowruz. Noruz is Kyrgyzstan's traditional New Year, celebrated on the vernal equinox. To make a happy holiday the Kyrgyz serve dishes like sumalak, which is made of flower and germinated wheat seeds.



Kyrgyzstan does not have a huge population. Their capitol, Bishkek, has fewer than one million residents. Kyrgyzstan's mountain are mostly uninhabited, but there are about 40,000 seasonal nomads. There is lots of diversity in the country's inhabitants roots.Tensions exist between the Kyrgyz and Uzbek communities.
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Animals and Enviorment / Landforms

Located in the heart of Asia Kyrgyzstan is a very pretty place. Kyrgyzstan is similar in size to Belarus, or the state South Dakota. It is mostly mountanous, and 40% of the country is above 9,900 feet above sea level. Kyrgyzstan has beautiful mountains and alpine meadows that lead to broadleaf and conifer forests and foothills. There are many coniferous forests that are home to many animal species including the striking Tien Shan white spruce. The brown bear, wild pig, lynx, gray wolf, and ermine also live in the woodlands.


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