Leprechaun Trap

Welcome To My Leprechaun Trap


My hypothesis is that the leprechaun will fall in the hole while it is trying to get the gold But hopefully won't get it.


It will work in this the leprechaun is going to clim to the top with that ladder I made for it. It is going to walk towards the gold which is a can and shinny golden screwdrivers but hopefully will not notice the paper and it will fall down and it will not be able to get out

How It Works

I am making a trap for a Leprechaun and what it is going to do is:

  1. The leprechaun is going to clim the ladder.
  2. It is going to go towards the gold.
  3. But there will be a hole there and it will fall into it.
  4. The leprechaun will not be able to get out.

What I Need

  • A box
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • black tape
  • Can
  • screw drivers (gold color)
  • thin wood
  • grass

My Simple Machine

I will be using a ladder so the leprechaun can get up the box and down the trap.
Big image


I did not have to change anything.


I changed a lot of things like instead of the gold i used golden screws, and put grass instead of.. well nothing
Big image