SAAS Library Flyer

Be In the Know -- October 2014

Yes! We Have Newspapers...

The Seattle Academy Library has a large selection of newspapers for you to explore. These are included in the ProQuest Research collection. Here is the short list:

To see titles included in the National Newspapers Core, Washington State Newsstand and Western Newstand, see this LibGuide page.

* Some of our subscription hardcopy magazines allow access to their web content. That information is listed on this LibGuide page.

FREE Autodesk Software for Students

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We have a nice collection of Autodesk software to hand out -- a huge portfolio ranging from CAD to Maya. Certified users earn industry-recognized credentials.

We have placed the Autodesk downloads on Google drive (url below):

The License keys are grouped by product type. Use the standalone keys in yellow.

* photo above from the Autodesk site (