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Volume 1 Issue 2

Message from the LCSCA President

As we bring closure to the first half of the academic year I need to thank all LCSCA members, and Board Members for welcoming me and supporting me in my role as President but above all for your undeniable support for your local professional organization. Growth Day 2014 was a success and attendees benefited from the special address by our Superintendent Dr. Graham and our National Keynote Speaker Dr. Mike Thomson. We look forward to hosting the annual School Counseling Awards Breakfast/Administrator Awards in the spring as well as networking opportunities. As always, the door is open and we invite you to join LCSCA leadership; we are seeking members that are interested in joining us at the leadership level for possible positions on the board in the future. As a final reminder I will echo a very important message from our leadership at the district level regarding our profession and the momentum we are building through comprehensive school counseling plans: we are moving beyond random acts of guidance to purposeful, data driven, and evidence based practices. We are stepping up to the plate… we are professional certified school counselors!

I leave you with remarks from our First Lady’s keynote address at ASCA ‘14 in Orlando… “Too often, you are the only adults in their lives who aren’t there to grade them or judge them or punish them, and that’s why they seek you out when they have nowhere else to turn. So before I say anything else today, I want to say something that I’m sure you all don’t hear nearly enough, and that is, thank you.”

-Nestor Avila

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Best Practices

Top Ten Tips for Writing Your Comprehensive Counseling Plan

by: Caroline Toadvine

10. – Don’t reinvent the wheel – network, share ideas, google – there are a lot of great plans out there – share ideas!

9. – Start small to go far – you don’t have to start with 10 program goals – start with three – and go from there

8. – Temporary Duty – once you have all your materials ready to go – take a day off campus and take the time you need to actually write your plan

7. Use your schools SIP – how can you support the schools vision/mission through your program goals – also the SIP has a great deal of information about your schools demographics, etc…

6. Calendar – Jot down all that you do each month – specific to that month, and then jot down ongoing counseling services

5. Get the most bang for your buck – how can you most affect change – what are the needs of your students to succeed – how can the school counseling programs help?

4. Network – were all in this together

3. Vision/Mission – What are the districts? What are your schools? Use them when coming up with your own.

2. Breathe – It’s seems overwhelming – but it’s really not that bad – just carve out some quiet time to develop your plan

1. And the number one tip is – have fun!!! This is your department’s program – an opportunity for you to be creative and passionate when helping kids every day.

Lee County School Counselors in Action

On Saturday, October 11th, Lee County Counselors volunteered at the Walk for Prevention with Lee County School District Board Member Mary Fischer.
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Lee County Counselors @ FSCA Conference

Lee County School Counselor visited Orlando, FL for the annual convention.

Growth Day 2014

Lee County School Counselors at Hodges University for Growth Day with Dr. Mike.

Lee County School Counselor Association

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