Spanish 1

Falling for World Languages

La Familia

This week we are finishing up our unit on the family. We are enjoying learning more about each other and our families. Student's family tree projects will take place of a test on this unit.
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Feliz Día De Muertos

Next week, students will be learning about an important Mexican holiday, El Día De Los Muertos. Though often confused for a Mexican version of Halloween, this holiday is in fact a celebration of life. Students will learn about the origins and meaning of the holiday and learn about the traditions and celebrations.

Keeping up with Assignments

Please help remind your students that while homework assignments do not count toward their grade like assessments do, the assignments are still required. Students unable to complete homework assignments independently will need to attend a mandatory help session to finish their work.

Contact Information & Office Hours

Office Hours:

Wednesday & Friday 7:30-8am

Tuesday & Thursday 3:15-4:00pm

Please be sure to let me know in advance to expect your student so that I can ensure I have no meetings or other conflicts.

Patrick is almost ten months old, loves crawling and eating, and is getting ready to walk!
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