By:Annie Tate

my artist artist statement

Well in my picture I have some of my scarfs and the reason I put my scarfs is because I like scarfs and for my birthday that's what I want it or people would ask me what I want and I would tell them a scarf like when my cousin he ask me I told him a scarf and he was like I told it would be more expensive lol and he was like I can get you that no problem lol but I think that I have more than 20 scarfs. Butnow my toms as of right now I only have 3 but I want more well I want a black pair Iol but I like wear them I like how it feels IG and now my uggs I only have one as of right now but I want some more I have the black ones but I want like a light brown or gray idk but now my bears I had 5 on my bed but I really have more than that I like them idk but I do I think its a little weird but that's fine lol now my Wii I think I have had it for 2 year or almost two and I have many different game for it like I have just dance nd Michael Jackson but when me nd my brother play he hate losing to me lol it fun cause he is so competitive lol nd the last thing is my hello kitty well it is a bank

his artist statement

Well I chose this picture because I show that it him his wife nd kid and. They don't have very more but there making it nd they don't go around tryin to take others thing just because they don't have much I'm not going to judge themnd were me I'll tell my mom I want so getting nd she will try to get that for me but I think every parent is like that or almost IG idk nd I like have there house is made from dirt well our is to but I never seen a house that was made in dirt until now I think it pretty cool IG