Adams Weekly News


We hope you're enjoying the holiday today, February 8th. We also have a holiday on next Monday, February 15th. :)

Reminders & Updates

This week we have had 4 tests states & capitals, spelling, plant test, and text structures quiz. Remember that our book projects are due February 12.

This Week's Highlights

Some fun things we've done this week are...

Science : We learned about Tropisms in plants and used our knowledge to build plant ecosystems. Lots of our plants our sprouting! :)

Reading: Miss. Adams is reading our new book, Gossamer to us.

Writing: We are beginning Informational Essays on Endangered Animals. We are learning how to paraphrase, quote accurately, and write using different text structures.

Valentine's Day Party

This Friday the 12th we will celebrate Valentine's Day in the afternoon. Students can bring Valentine's cards for their classmates. If they choose to bring them, please make sure they make one for each student in our class. We have 31 students. Miss Adams will attach a class list to the Newsletter email. :)