Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High


My favorite app is Snapchat. On Snapchat, you take a picture and you can send it to your friend with a little (limited) message with it. You are able to video chat, call, send picture texts, or just normally text. Also, if you don’t want to talk to a person but you take a “show worthy” photo, then you can post it on your story, this allows everyone that you want to see it viewable. You can change other people's names and put a nickname on there for them, so when a person sees your Snapchat, they don’t know who you're talking to. And if you get annoyed by someone, there is a block option, but if you block then you have to get their username again to re-add them.

Billy Madison

Billy Madison is a comedy movie about an adult, Billy Madison (Adam Sandler), who had to go through school again so he could get his dad's hotel. When Billy was a kid, his father (Darren McGavin) paid his teachers to get Billy to pass. Billy and Eric (Bradly Whitford), dad’s worker, go after each other and compete on who's getting the hotel company. So Billy has to go through school and when he makes it on his own, he and Eric have to do an educational competition. Billy loses, but everyone likes him more than Eric, so he wins. Billy Madison is really funny and a little inappropriate, so it might be wrong to watch it if you're too young.


G-Eazy is a famous rapper who just went famous a couple of years ago. He was born on May 24,1989, in Oakland, California. His actual name is Gerald Earl Gillum. He has one brother who plays the trumpet and his name is James. Gerald attended his first rap group, Rap Boyz, when he was a sophomore while attending the Loyola University of New Orleans. He got his big break after releasing his mixtape ‘The Endless Summer’ in 2011, which earned him the chance to go on tour with ‘Lil Wayne. He produced his first full-length record ‘Must be Nice’ independently, and earned the number three spot on the hip hop iTunes chart. His first album ‘These Things Happen’ (the song ‘must be nice’ was in this album) was released in 2014 and hit number three on the U.S. Billboard charts. He’s still producing today and will probably make a lot more accomplishments.

Humpty Dumpty

On March 17, 2016, at 10:54 P.M., some kids witnessed a boy tragically fall. The boy was seven- years-old, and his guardians do not want his name to be stated. Some of the kids similar to the victim's age, saw the incident happen. We were told that the victim was on top of the wall because he was hiding from a vicious dog. The incident was claimed to happen because he was scared and misbalanced and fell. This tragedy happened on Ferber Street in Omaha, Nebraska.
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