Salem Witch trials

by Emma Hilliard

the trials begin

Thursday, March 1st 1962 at 9pm

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, MA

What started it all

9, and 11 year old Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, were having "fits". These two girls screamed and uttered strange sounds while throwing things and hiding under tables and chairs. The people of Salem Village started having suspicions about these two girls being witches and were soon accused of performing witchcraft.

The Death Trials

There were many strategies for putting a witch to death. Most people accused of being witches were hung because they could hang many witches at a time. Unfortunate others were stabbed with the cursed "witch pins" for torture before being put to death. If the witches weren't hung, they were either drowned or burned. The majority of the villagers preferred burning the witches over drowning because it was a more painful death.
What Caused The Salem Witch Trials?