2nd Grade News


Notes from the Teacher

*Thank you so much for the pencil and expo marker donations. :)

*Friday the 30th is Kansas Day. Please dress in cowboy/western/pioneer wear.

A Peek at The Week

Reading: This week we are going to be reading the book, Homes Across America. This book teaches us about different kinds of homes & locations (apartment, condo, suburb, etc). It also teaches about the resources used to make these houses (natural resources, concrete, etc). While we read this informational book, we will study text features & how to locate those text features (glossary, table of contents, bold words, etc).

Math: We will have a test today (Monday) on bar graphs, line plots & 2 step story problems. The rest of the week we will begin to learn about shapes and how to partition circles and rectangles into 2, 3, or 4 equal parts. We will learn vocabulary such as, halves, thirds, half of, a third of, etc.

Writing: This week we will continue poetry and choosing powerful words that make the audience understand more. We will also learn about complete sentence, specifically that a sentence is a COMPLETE thought.

Mark your Calendar

30th-Kansas Day

6th- Sports Day, Dental Screenings
13th- Valentines Day Party 2:15 (grade levels are having parties at different times, if you have another child, please keep this in mind when planning)


Spelling Words: another, picture, around, noun, American

up - cup
ue - true, cue
ure - cure, pure
un- run, sun
ur- fur
ub- club

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is through email. You may also call the office in case of emergency or if you want them to send me a message.