Where is Middle Earth?--Iceland!

BY: Lindsey Copeletti


The landscape in Iceland is very green, and there is a lot of water and snow too. There is a lot of water falls, hot springs, geysers, and even houses that look like hobbit holes.There is this huge lagoon called the Blue lagoon and its naturally heated, light blue, and huge.The language people speak in Iceland is Icelandic, and their language hasn't changed much in the past 1,000 years. Most of the people there can still read the vikings sagas. Icelanders culture is every interesting one. They are famous for how much coffee they drink and how much sugar they consume. They mainly eat fermented shark meat and smoked lamb. They dress normally, but a little more warmer. They have a very relaxed lifestyle in Iceland.


Iceland is Middle Earth, because there are a lot of similarities like, hobbit holes, hills, mountains, green grass, snow, and others. If you were to guess where they filmed The Hobbit your top 3 guesses would probably be New Zealand, Iceland, and Greenland. When the characters in the book advance in their adventure to the Misty Mountains, i think that there are mountains in Iceland that would look just as good as it did in the movie with a little modification. There is another side of Iceland that is very lush, green, and calm like where the hobbits live. The whole atmosphere in Iceland would be perfect for Middle Earth.

Iceland is Middle Earth

Counter claims

Some may say that Iceland is not big enough to be Middle earth, but New Zealand is pretty small and its Middle Earth.

People say that Iceland is too cold , and that it gets too snowy in that winter. In reality its only snowy on part of that island, and the rest is green, lush.

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Iceland would be the best middle Earth, because it has all the scenery, greenery, and snow. There are homes that already look like hobbit holes, beautiful meadows, and green hills. There are also many mountains in Iceland that could have became the Misty Mountains. There are even caves already in the mountains! The whole climate and vibe of Iceland is perfect for Middle Earth.
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This is a Youtuber who went to New Zealand on a tour for their show, and went to see where the Hobbit was filmed. That isn't actually their new home its just the title of the video.
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