Virtual Resume

By: Drake Davis

Goal Setting

Academic Smart Goal

S: I want to have a total average of 80 percent when I graduate from high school.

M: An average of 75 percent is achievable, because I am doing pretty well in most class, and I have calculated my average and so far I have a 75 percent average which is very close to 80 percent.

A: I will study a certain amount of time every week to help me achieve high marks to get my average to 80.

R: This goal is realistic, because there are two more years of school for me to achieve an average of 80 percent.

T: I should be able to achieve this goal by June of 2018.

Volunteering Smart Goal

S: I want to achieve 200 volunteering hours by the end of Grade 12.

M: Every Thursday, I volunteer 3 hours at Youth Arts Against Violence (YAAV) which makes 200 achievable.

A: Volunteering once a week, would help me achieve this goal which makes this goal achievable.

R: In one year of volunteering I should be able to have at least 150 volunteering hours done, and I have more than a year to complete. This makes this goal realistic and possible to achieve.

T: In a month, I achieve about 12 hours of volunteering at YAAV. If I want to achieve this goal, I will need to volunteer every month for 12 hours, which will make me achieve 200+ hours of volunteering before Grade 12.

Challenges and Solutions

During a surgery, a surgeon might accidently end up killing a patient, whether under pressure or by mistake. This event could make the surgeon scared or have anxieties which could make them quit their job. The surgeon might be scared to kill another patients, making the surgeon scared of doing another surgery. The surgeon could deal with by going to a therapist, which could help him clear his mind. Going to a therapist could clear his mind, which could make him confident to do another surgery to another patient. The surgeon could also practice more, to help him not do the same mistake. If the surgeon wants to quit the job, it will be a bad decision because every makes mistakes, and this was his first. The surgeon will have to train to get better at doing surgery to any patient.

Surgeons sometimes gets scared of doing the same mistakes, when they do a constant mistake. The surgeon could deal this by fixing the mistakes they do when they do the action that caused the mistake. The surgeon could also do more training to not make the same mistakes over and over again. Training will make the surgeon better at doing the surgery and will not be scared of doing the same mistake. They could also forget about the mistake, because he has done it many times, and knows how to fix it. Such as if they did not reattach the artery with the artery, they can undo it and fix it. They can also get rid of any anxiety of doing a surgery by quitting, but will not be the best action, because they will be left with no job.