Knightro Cup

by the University of Central Florida Tennis Club

What You Need To Know

On November 21-22, the University of Central Florida will be hosting our annual tournament, Knightro Cup. Matches will start at 8AM on both days and will be an all day event. Please contact the UCF Tennis Club by e-mail at with how many teams your university wants to bring, T-shirt sizes and how many of each size and any questions that you may have. Also, please include the names of each captain and their phone numbers. Knightro Cup will cost $40 per team with T-shirts, balls and some breakfast foods included.

Knightro Cup

Saturday, Nov. 21st, 8am

401 West Highland Street

Altamonte Springs, FL


Knightro Cup will be played in World Team Tennis style. Each match will consist of:
  • Men's singles
  • Women's singles
  • Men's doubles
  • Women's doubles
  • Mixed doubles
In World Team Tennis style each match will consist of one set with no AD scoring, tie-break at 5 games all with a sudden death point at 4-4 and players change sides after 4 games. The winner of the round is the team with the most games won at the end of all 5 matches played. Each player is allowed to play 2 sets and World Team Tennis allows mid-match substitutions.

Pool play will take place on Saturday and brackets will be made for Sunday.