Salem Elem. Weekly Newsletter #1

Principal: Shelette R. Pleat (9/19-9/23/16)

First Full Week Is Completed!!!! Job Well Done Everyone!

Well we are in full swing of things now and this week seemed to fly right by. One form of communication that I use often with staff is a weekly newsletter. Being the technology enthusiast that I am, tend to pick presentation tools that I can model for you all with the hopes that you may choose to bring it into your learning environments. Scholars are so say these days and using different modes of presentation are always well received as well as engaging. These go hand-in-hand with CCLS and 21st century learning. Happy reading and I hope you enjoy the video clips that I include. These video clips are used to highlight key talking points that I will address in faculty meetings as well as allow me to "flip" my faculty meetings. This idea is similar to a teacher "flipping their classroom."

Fire Drills Are Coming!!! Please practice with your scholars the expected behaviors and desired behaviors during our drills.

Washington County Collaborative 2016-2017

Professional development around math with teachers from Washington County school districts. These p.d.'s will consist of grade and course specific collaborative sessions to share information and concerns about CCLS for math. Please see the attached link for more information and we will plan accordingly for any and all supports needed for your scholars at Salem in your absence.

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and BOCES Support

As we work on implementing the NGSS, Mr. Davis and I are working collaboratively to have support from BOCES to work with us as well as show the alignment with CCLS and the shifts for learning as posed on Engage NY. I was pleased to see the work the Mrs. Washburn had put forth this past summer towards the science curriculum needs for grade 6. While we discussed her work, the first thing we did was check the alignment with NGSS. You'll notice quickly the emphasis on engineering as early as kindergarten through grade 12. When dates have been confirmed, Mr. Davis and I will send them out to the teachers and we will begin planning accordingly. My questions to you all: In the short videos below, what would this look like in your learning environment and what connections do you see with the CCLS shifts? What do you notice about scholar engagement? (You'll notice not all states agree on everything, but the basics understanding of how science is shifting and taught seems to be universal. NYS adopted the NGSS in 2011 as the starting point in the revamping of the science standards for NYS in 2015.)
Next Generation Science Standards
The Next Generation Science Standards: A New Vision for Science Education

Calling all Leaders! The BLPT is open to all who would like to be part of the leadership team at the building level. THis team is instrumental in helping move a school forward and provide suggestions. If you are interested in being part of the team this year, email Mrs. Pleat!

Scholars and Discipline

This week I was able to meet with scholars of various ages around discipline. Everything from shoving each other in line at the k-1 level to disrespectful comments at the older level. It is my expectation that if you feel a referral is warranted that you complete that in our school system before the end of the working day. This allows me to properly address the concern in a timely manner. I also expect that you will be the first person to contact the parent/guardian as I will be following up with them after I have addressed the concern. Lastly, scholars were sent to my office as they were directed to wait to see me after being sent out of class/recess/lunch. If you need assistance with a scholar within your learning environment, call the office for assistance and Mrs. Tift will contact me. I will proceed to your room for support. All Mrs. Tift needs is the following:

"Assistance is needed in room......."

Once Mrs. Tift has received that call, she will radio me with the same information and I'll be right there to support. The ultimate goal is have scholars in seats, in class, learning and engaged. That will always be my end goal as we are educators..:-)

Please do not hesitate to call me over while I am on my mobile office if you need assistance with a scholar. That is one of the main reasons why I use it!..:-)

Have a great 2nd weekback everyone!!!!

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