By: Raul B. & Christian M.

What is BioEngineering?

Bio Engineering is the use of artificial tissues, organs, or organ components to replace damaged or absent parts of the body. It is also another term for Genetic Engineering. For example, if a part of the body is missing then you put something fake that can help the same way as the real one.

How does it affect us?

BioEngineering affects us by the people that get into accidents and they miss parts of the body like legs,arms, and also organs. When they miss body parts they can replace with a fake part of the body that would work the same as if it was the real one.

Our Opinion

Our Opinion...

Our opinion is that we think that Bio-engineering is a good thing for any human because it helps people to putting artificial human body parts to have people with no missing any Organs or body parts.

Thank You !

Thank You ALL for your attention! c;